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Reign of Madness

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Reign of Madness adpack icon.jpg
450 DP Requires access to adventure pack: Reign of Madness

When a mad lord of Xoriat roams free, no one can remain sane. Visit an asylum where sanity is the disease, explore the depths of madness in a visit to Xoriat, turn the great Xorian lords against each other, and free the Tower of the Twelve from the grip of insanity.


Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron Casual Normal Hard Elite
Acute Delirium* 17 21 The Twelve
The Sane Asylum* 17 21 The Twelve
The Lord of Stone* 17 18 The Twelve
The Lord of Eyes 17 21 The Twelve
Total 4 Quests 81  ♣10,714Solo/Casual  ♦18,553Normal  ♥19,253Hard  ♠19,951Elite
* These three quests must be completed (and turned in for reward), in any order, before the fourth and final quest, The Lord of Eyes, can be entered. However, there is a note in the final quest (in the "chests" section) that states that these must be completed in the order listed in order to obtain the chain-end reward (see next). needs verification

Reward List[edit]

Following is the list of items that can only be acquired by completing the quest chain, which can be initiated by talking to Basmore Trask in the Tower of the Twelve. The list consists of a selection of 10 semi-random items which can either be the below named items, similar level random BtA loot, potions, or stacks of 20 ingredients to be used on the Altar of Insanity.

NOTE: Named items that can appear on this quest arc's end reward list will have a 100% chance of appearing on every third completion of the story arc.