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The Temple of Elemental Evil

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The Temple of Elemental Evil adpack icon.jpg
650 DP Requires access to adventure pack: The Temple of Elemental Evil

Alatra the Gatekeeper in the Gatekeeper's Grove is trying to learn more about Mysterious Remnants. The Gatekeepers have constructed a portal to The Temple of Elemental Evil, where a high concentration of remnants can be found.

Use the portal and explore the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Quests By Favor[edit]

This adventure pack, introduced in Update 25 and overhauled in Update 56, contains seven quests:

Name Level Favor Patron
ToEE: First Level and Earth Temple 8, 34 15 The Gatekeepers
ToEE: Lower Temple Complex 8, 34 18 The Gatekeepers
ToEE: Air Node 8, 34 15 The Gatekeepers
ToEE: Earth Node 8, 34 15 The Gatekeepers
ToEE: Fire Node 8, 34 15 The Gatekeepers
ToEE: Water Node 8, 34 15 The Gatekeepers
ToEE: Depths of the Temple 8, 34 12 The Gatekeepers
7 Quests 105 Favor

(For the two original quests, see Temple of Elemental Evil Part One and Temple of Elemental Evil Part Two.)

Quests are narrated by renowned actor Wil Wheaton.

The quests must be run in the listed order - except the nodes; those can be run in any order. There are two chain rewards; one for completing the first two quests, another for completing the rest.

In-quest mechanics[edit]

Mysterious altars[edit]

A mysterious altar

The quests feature randomly spawning mysterious altars. Clicking the altar buffs your character and hirelings if they are ordered to use it. The buffs act like the classic ship buffs in that they cannot be dispelled, persist though rest, disappear on death/leaving quest, and have a 1-hour duration. Altars have a (?) minutes cooldown (per person) before they can be used again; all group members (including hirelings) can benefit from the effect at the same time. Also there is a lockbox near any altar containing ToEE Crafting ingredients.

Named items[edit]


  • Since update 56, ToEE Crafting is largely discontinued. Base items and ingredients no longer drop.

See also[edit]

The Temple of Elemental Evil, AD&D 1st edition module
Dungeons and Dragons: The Temple of Elemental Evil is another CRPG based on the same module developed by now-defunct Troika Games and released in 2003


Originally Posted by Knockback Source on November 11, 2014

So what kind of cool things led to the detour away from Anauroch? One of them will be coming in Update 25. Since The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar was received so well, we've decided to adapt another classic pen-and-paper module to DDO. Rather than blabbing on, I'll skip right to the awesome part and give you five simple words:

The Temple of Elemental Evil.

Yep, we will be creating our own version of the original, classic Temple inside DDO. We’re very excited about adapting one of the most famous modules in Dungeons and Dragons history, and we hope you are too.

Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source on November 12, 2014

~ The Temple of Elemental Evil, as a classic dungeon set in another world, with be accessed magically and directly. The epic version will be level 30, and the heroic version will start at level 7 as the original was level 1-8.

~ We won't be creating the villages as part of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Yes, it makes us sad as well. Our estimates of the time it would take to run that pre-content was very low, and the development time estimates were so high we didn't feel that the additional play experience would be worth pushing the update out by months.

Instead players will get right to the heart of the adventure.

~ The Temple is very large, and we want players to have a reason to explore it even on subsequent runs. We want to find a fun system to reward exploring the temple rather than just running the most efficient path to finish the quests, and plan on having some rewarding optional objectives that randomly spawn and give out good XP and treasure.

Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source on March 9, 2015

We are planning on having Hard mode for ToEE be hard, and Elite to be really hard. A much larger ramp up than the content you are used to. Our plan for end game folk who want hard content that promotes teamwork is giving that to them for the new content we are introducing.