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Stone of Change

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Stone of Change.jpg

Stone of Change is an Eldritch Device for crafting.

You can perform several Crafting Recipes at the Stone of Change.

The Stone of Change has also been used to upgrade previously broken/bugged items. By placing the bugged item (alone) in the Stone of Change, the item will be upgraded to a working version. Old drops of Hound of Xoriat shields and more recently Ghost Touch Handwraps were fixed in this manner. New drops function properly and don't require the Stone of Change.


  • Outside The Marketplace Bank
  • Just to the right of the entrance to the tower of The Twelve
  • Guild Airship Amenities: Stone of Change Contract Gold Seal (lv 32) and Standard (lv 40)

Dragonshard Combinations[edit]

Alternatively, as of Update 61, Fred in House Jorasco is able to convert Siberys Dragonshards and fragments using a barter interface.

It is possible to place stacks of up to 10,000 Dragonshards in the Stone of Change to transmute them, but it will not transmute them all at once - you will need to repeat the process as many times as required until you have combined what you need.

Dragonshard Created Dragonshards Needed
Flawed Siberys Dragonshard 100 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard 10 Flawed Siberys Dragonshards
Siberys Dragonshard 10 Imperfect Siberys Dragonshards
Exceptional Siberys Dragonshard 10 Siberys Dragonshards
Flawless Siberys Dragonshard 10 Exceptional Siberys Dragonshards

(Note that since their changes in Updates 50 and 56, the Stone of Change will not combine Khyber Dragonshard Fragments into Khyber Dragonshards.)

Note also that some of these transformations can be done in 10x bulk; for example putting 1000 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments in will process them all at once for 10 Flawed Siberys Dragonshards.

Binding and Attuning of Items[edit]

Item Created Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Attuned Equipable Item Any Equipable Item 400 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
  • Notes:
    • As with all crafting, you can place a single large stack of each ingredient into the crafting device. There is no need to split up large stacks for the exact number of Siberys Dragonshard Fragments to bind and attune an item. Only the required number of Siberys Dragonshard Fragments will be consumed.
    • Items that are Bound to Account stay bound to account when this ritual is placed on the item and can be traded in a shared bank. Unbound items become Bound to Character.
    • Items that are Bound to Account or Bound to Character are already immune to permanent item damage while repairing; you only need to Bind and Attune if you also want to perform another Alchemical Ritual on it.
    • Items that undergo the binding ritual retain any permanent damage they have already sustained. Those items become immune to future permanent damage sustained after the ritual is performed.
    • Binding and Attuning does not destroy slotted augments
    • Binding and Attuning persists through Cannith Disjunction, but the effect laid on top does not.
  • See Binding and Attuning for more information.

Alchemical Rituals[edit]

Unlike many other "upgrades", alchemical rituals do not destroy mythic or reaper bonuses on weapons. The original weapon stays as it is, plus the effect of the ritual. (source)

Alchemical Adamantine Rituals[edit]

An item can only have one type of alchemical ritual place on it at a time, Adamantine or Eldritch. Applying another alchemical ritual will replace the previous one, or an already-applied Adamantine ritual.

Alchemical Adamantine Rituals must start with Adamantine Ritual I followed by Ritual II, etc. You cannot jump straight to V without I - IV.

Adamantine Ritual Attuned Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Benefit
Adamantine Ritual I Any Attuned Item 10 Adamantine Ore 10 Soul Gems: Essence of Earth +5 Hardness and +10 Durability.
Adamantine Ritual II Any Attuned Item 15 Adamantine Ore 20 Soul Gems: Essence of Earth An additional +5 Durability.
Adamantine Ritual III Any Attuned Item 20 Adamantine Ore 30 Soul Gems: Essence of Earth An additional +5 Durability.
Adamantine Ritual IV Any Attuned Item 25 Adamantine Ore 40 Soul Gems: Essence of Earth An additional +5 Durability.
Adamantine Ritual V(Max) Any Attuned Item 30 Adamantine Ore 50 Soul Gems: Essence of Earth An additional +5 Durability.
  • Notes:
    • These rituals need to be performed in order.
    • These rituals can be performed on the items that are "Broken beyond Repair", to make them usable again.
    • All Rituals are considered Alchemical Rituals.
    • The Lord of Eyes, Taming the Flames and ToEE: Earth Node all contain many earth elementals to farm Soul Gems from. The level of the elementals no longer matters.

Alchemical Eldritch Ritual[edit]

An item can only have one type of alchemical ritual place on it at a time, Adamantine or Eldritch. Applying another alchemical ritual will replace the previous one, or an already-applied Adamantine ritual.

Alchemical Eldritch Ritual Attuned Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Benefit
Alchemical Armor Eldritch Ritual Any Attuned Armor 15 Strings of Prayer Beads 5 Vials of Pure Water +1 Alchemical Bonus to AC
Alchemical Shield Eldritch Ritual Any Attuned Shield/Orb 2 Tomes: Prophecies of Khyber 6 Silver Flame Hymnals +1 Alchemical Bonus to AC
Force Damage Ritual Any Attuned Weapon 3 Luminescent Dusts 9 Fragrant Drowshood 1 point of force damage on each successful hit
Force Critical Ritual Any Attuned Weapon 6 Sparkling Dusts 12 Deadly Feverblanch 1d4 points of force damage on each successful critical hit
Resistance Ritual Any Attuned Jewelry 1 4 Lightning-Split Soarwoods 22 Funerary Tokens +1 competence bonus to saves

1. "Jewelry" means goggles, necklace, ring, bracers or trinket.

  • The Elite Spider Cult Mask & store-purchased armor kits (and likely any other cosmetic purchased from the store) can be bound and attuned and have rituals applied to them. Cosmetics made from the Mirror of Glamering, however, cannot.
  • Alchemical Armor Eldritch Ritual can be applied to Cosmetic Armor or Cosmetic Helmets (including the Spider Cult Mask).
  • Alchemical Armor Eldritch Ritual stacks with the Alchemical Shield Eldritch Ritual.
  • Force Damage and Force Critical rituals now work on all handwraps (randomly-generated handwraps, alchemical handwraps, and named handwraps such as the Epic Wraps of Endless Light). For randomly-generated handwraps, you may need to run the wraps through the Stone of Change by themselves to get the effect to work. This will show as the "Ritual of Second Chances."DDO Forums
  • Bug: Adding an Alchemical Eldritch Ritual to a pre-U32 crafted item, can increase its ML by 2 up to ML: 20. This change to ML will not take effect until you log out and in again.
  • Bug: Alchemical Armor and Alchemical Shield are actually coded as item-based Dodge Bonuses to AC, not Alchemical bonuses. While this generally has very little effect, it does mean that they will not stack with the AC bonuses from Ranger's Favored Defense or Fighter's Mobility. See Dodge_bonus#Dodge_in_earlier_versions_of_the_game for details on this discontinued system.

Meat Smithing[edit]

Item Created Ingredient
Concentrated Tasty Ham Oil Tasty Ham

Epic Crafting[edit]

Item Created Ingredient
Token of the Twelve Greater Token of the Twelve

Cannith Crafting[edit]

Stone of Change Alchemical Rituals will raise the enchantment bonus on Pre-U32 Cannith Crafted items by 1 (tested: Force Critical Ritual on Cannith crafted +5 Keen Flametouched Iron Scimitar of Maiming with Masterful Craftsmanship I). Alchemical Rituals have no enchantment or level effect on Cannith Crafted Items Post-U32.

Using Dust of Disjunction on an item with a pre-existing Alchemical Ritual will remove the Alchemical Ritual. The item will remain bound and attuned but the Alchemical Ritual would need to be reapplied (tested Post-U32: ML15 Cannith Crafted Maul with Force Damage Ritual was disjuncted and became ML1 Blank Maul with bound and attuned).

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