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Altar of Legendary Rituals

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Altar of Legendary Rituals.jpg

Altar of Legendary Rituals is a crafting device introduced in Update 50. It allows you to convert your epic items (ML20) to their legendary (ML30) versions. This upgrade is available for the following adventure packs:

The altar is located in the Twelve next to Lahar.


Legendary transmutation (most items)
The recipes require an epic version of the item, 100 pack-specific ingredients (listed below), 5 Star Fragments, and, in case of raid items, 250 Thread of Fate.
Legendary dragonscale armor
These armor sets require shard of the red dragon, dragon scales, vault keys, star fragments, and threads; epic version of the armor is not needed. DDO Forums
Reroll Legendary Gem of Many Facets
You can reroll the set bonuses for 100 Threads of Fate.
Star / Nebula Fragment
Purchase Star Fragment for 100 pack-specific ingredients (except Saltmeadow Hay).
Purchase Nebula Fragment for 100 Star Fragment and 500 Threads of Fate.


Item conversion at the altar deletes the epic item and creates a legendary version from scratch. The following item upgrades are lost: