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Snowpeaks Festival

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Snowpeaks Festival is a winter event introduced in January 2021 (Update 48 Patch 3). Defeat new champion, collect coins, and turn them in for icy rewards.

New champion[edit]

While the event is active, a new type of Monster Champion, Scourge of the Snowpeaks, can appear in quests (subject to the same rules as regular champions (?), i.e., hard, elite, reaper difficulty). Kill the champion to spawn a white chest. Unlike with other types of monster champions, even regular (not orange) champions spawn a chest. The chest contains 1-X Bronze Snowpeaks Coin Icon.png Icon tooltip.pngBronze Snowpeaks CoinBronze, Silver Snowpeaks Coin Icon.png Icon tooltip.pngSilver Snowpeaks CoinSilver, or Gold Snowpeaks Coin Icon.png Icon tooltip.pngGold Snowpeaks CoinGold Snowpeaks Coins. Additionally, it may contain a Snowpeaks Frozen Key Icon.png Icon tooltip.pngFrozen KeyFrozen Key. White chests from orange champs always (?) contain a key.

All ingredients (coins, keys) are unbound. Frozen Key from the DDO Store is bound to account.

New loot in chests[edit]

  • Snowpeaks Coins can also sometimes be discovered in chests throughout the game.
  • Frozen Keys can also be found in chests throughout the game while the event is active, but at a rarer rate.

Frozen Key image
Bronze Snowpeak Coin image

Event NPC[edit]


While the event is active, there's an NPC in the Halls of Heroes, named Flurry. Talk to Flurry to enter the challenge and turn in coins for rewards.

The Snowpeaks challenge[edit]

  • Consumes a Frozen Key to enter.
  • Slide down a ramp and collect coins.
  • There's a chest at the end with more coins.

Reward List - January 2021[edit]




Trade In:

Available in the DDO Store:

  • Elixir of Frosty Luck: Drinking this elixir grants your character an additional +5% bonus to the chance of finding Snowpeaks coins and keys from chests you loot. The effect lasts for the next hour that you are logged in and in a quest. (The effect timer pauses while you are in public areas.) Single use.

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