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Special events

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Throughout the year, limited-time events appear throughout the game. Some affect quests themselves, others are special questing areas or modify a public area. There are many items and effects that can only be found in these events.

Holiday Events[edit]


The Halloween event is themed by the idea of Mabar, Eberron's plane of shadow, coming into contact with they physical plane. It typically arrives partway through October and Ends the first week of November.


There is currently no in-game event for the USA Thanksgiving holiday. However, for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, DDO Premium Store items are often on sale, some items appearing with a greater discount than the normal sales rotation. Also, special limited time store items often appear, like Otto's Irresistible Box and the highest available Tomes of Skill & Ability.

Christmas Season[edit]

The Christmas event is themed as when the deity Shadow is strongest. The Jester of Festivult appears, accepting coins in exchange for baked treats like cookies, biscuits and cupcakes.


Shortly after the Jester of Festivult departs Flurry arrives bring her winter event, a unique type of champion, coins to collect to turn them in for icy rewards.

DDO Release Anniversary[edit]

DDO was released on February 28th, 2006. DDO was in Development for 2 years before release, Wikipedia. Every year, the developers release a special item to everyone.


Easter is themed after the Eberron Deity, Traveler. By collecting bronze, silver and gold eggs, players could obtain items from Taj.

Frequent Events[edit]

There are a number of events that appear more than once a year.

DDO Bonus Days[edit]

During these events that last throughout a weekend, an area of the game's rewards are boosted, like Loot, Reaper/Heroic/Epic XP, or XP for being in a Group. Bonus Days can happen as often as several weekends a month.

Treasure of Crystal Cove[edit]

During this event, players can travel to a pirate island and collect treasure and do a Kobold Dragonshard Collection Challenge to earn rewards.

Mimic Hunt[edit]

During this event, any chest (except mimics and raid chests) can turn into a mimic. Tokens collected from these special mimics can be turned in for event-specific named loot.

News Announcement & Forum Only Events[edit]

The staff at DDO will periodically hold special events, like raids or donation drives. These events do not modify the game in anyway, except special items that may be gifted.

No-Shave Movember[edit]

In order to raise awareness for prostate & testicular cancer, men will shave their face, then allow only a mustache to grow during the month of November. Donating to cancer research will give players various prizes from the Community Loot List .
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Extra Life[edit]

In order to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network. Donating to cancer research will give players various prizes from the Community Loot List .

Munchkin Summer Games[edit]

During the summer, raids are organized where every participant is either a hafling or gnome.

Historic or Non-Returning Events[edit]

Winter Olympics[edit]

While the Winter Olympics only occurs every 4 years, the Risia Ice Games appear every year. It appears around the 3rd week of January and ends sometime in early February.

DDO has had many events that never returned. You can find more information about them here.