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Green Steel deconstruction

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Green Steel deconstruction[edit]

Green Steel deconstruction UI

If you do make a mistake while creating a Green Steel Item, you can use Yellow Dopant to deconstruct said Green Steel Item at the Invasion, Subjugation, and Devastation altars since U14. Keep in mind that deconstruction will only return roughly half of the Ingredients required to make an item of the same tier. WARNING: Be aware that when you deconstruct an item, the item is destroyed. You will not get the base weapon or equipment back. You will only receive roughly half of the ingredients used to make a Tier 3/2/1 item from which you're beginning your deconstruction. So, for example, if you are deconstructing Tier 2 goggles, you will get some tier 2 and 1 ingredients, no goggles.

Update 14: Green Steel weapons, equipment, and shards can be deconstructed to gain back approximately half of the ingredients required to make an item of the same tier:

  • Deconstruction of Green Steel requires a Yellow Dopant, a rare drop from Shroud end chests. Higher difficulty levels provide more chests and better chance to get Yellow Dopant.
  • Deconstructing a cleaned Greensteel item using Yellow Dopant returns an Essence of Cleansing.
  • Deconstructing a dual-shard allows you the choice of extra ingredients. For cleansed items with a dual shard, it is possible to instead select an Essence of Cleansing
  • Note that no Shards of Power or blank ingredients are returned, only tier 3/2/1 ingredients and the shavarath signet stone.
  • Incredible Potential can be restored to Tower of Despair Rings, wiping the ring clean so you can imbue it with different effects. This use of Yellow Dopant does not return any ingredients.

Update 15: Yellow Dopant drop rates in the raids are comparable to each other, with increased chance on higher difficulties.