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Unholy Defiler of the Hidden Hand

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The Unholy Defiler of the Hidden Hand is a Crafting device to upgrade weapons and shields from quests in Vecna Unleashed and create Minor Artifacts. It was introduced in Update 61 with the Vecna Unleashed expansion.

The Unholy Defiler of the Hidden Hand is located in Morgrave University - Upper Commons, in the rafters above Steps Obliss - to get there, jump on the barrels in the nearby tavern. It can be only seen/used if you wear Steps' Lenses of Seein' Hidden Hand Secrets. Speak to Steps Obliss to acquire the goggles (this needs to be done on a total of 14 different days on one character.)

Along with a copy of an item from Vecna Unleashed, all upgrades require all four types of Dust of Vile Darkness:

Crafted items:

  • Heroic Items
Item Cost
Defiled Reliquary <Weapon>
Defiled Azure Buckler
Defiled Azure Targe
Defiled Azure Rotella
Defiled Azure Tower
  • Legendary Items
Item Cost
Legendary Defiled Reliquary <Weapon>
Legendary Defiled Azure Buckler
Legendary Defiled Azure Targe
Legendary Defiled Azure Rotella
Legendary Defiled Azure Tower
Desolation Spectacles
Eyes of Defilement
Misery Monocle
Buckle of Assimilation
Blade-Barbed Bandolier
Beltstrap of Forbidden Tomes

Legendary weapons and shields can be further upgraded at the Esoteric Table in Fire Over Morgrave - this removes Taint of EvilIcon tooltip.pngTaint of Evil: Good aligned characters equipping this item suffer a temporary negative level until the item is removed..