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Tiefling race

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A typical Tiefling


Tieflings are human-based, native outsiders that are infused with the touch of the fiendish planes, most often through descent from fiends — demons, devils, evil deities, and others who have bred with humans. Tieflings are known for their cunning and personal allure, which makes them excellent deceivers as well as inspiring leaders when prejudices are laid aside.

In DDO, tieflings can be either Evil Outsider type or Native Outsider type monsters.


Tieflings have any of a number of features that reference (directly or indirectly) their fiendish lineage. These include, but are not limited to, horns located on their heads, pointed sharp teeth, extra fingers, cloven hooves in place of feet, tails, and unusually colored eyes. Many races distrust or outright hate Tieflings, seeing them as devil worshippers.


Tieflings can be as varied in combat as humans are. They can be strong melee or ranged fighters, as well as spellcasters and rogues.


  • Resistant to electricity and fire


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