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Purple Worm race

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Purple Worm


These colossal worms burrow through the earth and are often known to surface and attack those traversing through the Underdark. If the Purple Worm's venomous tail does not manage to strike you first, beware of the creature's other end! This worm is capable of swallowing large creatures whole. The only hope for survival is to cut a way out!



  • Bite (Piercing)
  • Acid Spittle
  • Digestive Fluid
  • Mimic Slobber (acid)
  • Sticky (-70% movement speed, -20% attack speed, -4 AC penalty, -2 penalty to reflex saves, -25% fortification, cannot jump or tumble)
  • Swallow Whole (instakill effect)
  • Summon Tail: Many Purple Worms can use their tail to attack enemies. In-game, this functions as a separate monster which the Purple Worm can summon, and which instantly dies if the connected worm dies. For more information, see Purple Worm Tail sub-race.
    • If the tail is slain first, the worm itself is stunned for about 10 seconds. This occurs even if the monster is red or purple named, and would therefore be inherently immune to stunning effects.



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