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Rust Monster race

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A typical rust monster


For some adventurers, the rust monster represents an object of fear greater even than the fiercest of dragons. For while every adventurer knows that he must occasionally service and keep his weapons, gear, and armor in good repair after the slings, swords, and arrows of a melee, the threat posed by a rust monster to a hero's valuables is truly dire. Warforged have been known to flee at the first sight of these beasts.


This creature, only the size of a large wolf or pony, has a somewhat insect-like appearance. It has four legs, and a squat low body covered in a lumpy carapace-like hide. Armor plates make the rust monster's more delicate innards difficult to penetrate. Most important for adventurers to note, however, are the pair of thin antennae that rise up from beneath the beast's eyes.

These antennae allow the rust monster to corrode and draw sustenance from metallic objects. Unfortunately, even passing a metallic weapon close to the creature's exposes it to great risk. Careful adventurers are advised to considering carrying a simple wooden cudgel, club, Muckbane or Everbright weapon—and perhaps a suit of leather armor or Blueshine armor—to dispatch these menaces.

The hide of these creatures varies in color from a yellowish tan underside to a rust-red upper back. A rust monster’s prehensile antennae can rust metals on contact.

The typical rust monster measures 5 feet long and 3 feet high, weighing 200 pounds.


  • Scent (Ex): A rust monster can scent a metal object from up to 90 feet away. When it detects one, it dashes toward the source and attempts to strike it with its antennae. The creature is relentless, chasing characters over long distances if they still possess intact metal objects but usually ceasing its attacks to devour a freshly rusted meal. Warforged player characters count as "metal objects", very tasty metal objects that a Rust monster will prefer over all others.
  • The creature targets the largest metal object available, striking first at armor, then at shields and smaller items. It prefers ferrous metals (steel or iron) over precious metals (such as gold or silver) but will devour the latter if given the opportunity.


  • Rust (Ex): A rust monster that makes a successful attack with its antennae causes the target metal to corrode, falling to pieces and becoming useless immediately. Additionally, Warforged characters struck by Rust monsters must succeed on a fortitude save (DC is based on the Rust monsters constitution) or be stunned for 6 seconds. Furthermore, Warforged will take additional damage from Rust monsters, beware!
  • A metal weapon that deals damage to a rust monster corrodes immediately. Wooden, glass, stone, and other non-metallic weapons are unaffected.


Rust monsters can take many forms. Some of their more unusual forms include the Rusty Iron Kitchen Key from Delirium, the Xachosian Landwalker from The Dreaming Dark and Eye of the Titan,and the Purple Worm parasites from In the Belly of the Beast.

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