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White Dragon race

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A typical White Dragon

White dragons are Dragon type monsters.


White Dragons have an affinity to cold.


A dragon uses its powerful natural weapons in combat.

  • Bite - Piercing
  • Claw - Slashing
  • Tail Whip - Bludgeoning, knockdown
  • Wing Buffet - Bludgeoning, throws players across the room
  • Cold Breath - Heavy damage and can freeze you, rendering you helpless. Still heavily slowed if you save. Reflex save for half damage, fortitude save to negate the freeze.


  • Freezing Aura - Your movement is reduced by 25%, your attack rate by 15%, you are more vulnerable to cold, have a -1 penalty on attack rolls, AC, and reflex saves from the cold, and cannot tumble. Partially negated with freedom of movement, but your melee attacks will still be severely slowed.
  • Immune to cold
  • Vulnerable to fire


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