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Lich race

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A typical Lich (Calliphor Validus)


A lich is an undead spellcaster, usually a wizard or sorcerer but sometimes a cleric or other spellcaster, who has used its magical powers to unnaturally extend its life.


A lich is a gaunt and skeletal humanoid (most Liches currently in DDO are ex-Humans, the exception being Sor'jek Incanni, a giant, and Lady Vol, an Elf-Dragon hybrid) with withered flesh stretched tight across horribly visible bones. Its eyes have long ago been lost to decay, but bright pinpoints of crimson light burn on in the empty sockets.

Liches possess the following traits:

  • Undead Traits
  • Mantle of Invulnerability
  • DR 15-40/Bludgeon+Magic
  • Disintegrate Ward: As all undead, Liches have no constitution score, and thus a very poor fortitude save. To combat this weakness to Disintegrate, they all tend to have some form of a disintegration ward, which simply automatically stops a certain percentage of disintegrates regardless of if they save or not.
  • Immunity to Cold and Electricity.
  • Liches speak Common plus any other languages they knew in life.

Creature Entries (22)[edit]