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Ogre Mage sub-race

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A typical Ogre Mage


Ogre Magi are Giant type monsters belonging to the Ogre race. Usually they are Lawful Evil.


The ogre mage (plural: 'ogre magi', less commonly 'ogre mages') is a more intelligent and dangerous variety of its mundane cousin the ogre. They can also be called Oni (plural: Onis)

An ogre mage stands about 3 meters (10 feet) tall and weighs up to 320 kilograms (700 pounds). Its skin varies in color from light green to light blue, and its hair is black or very dark brown.

Ogre mages favor loose, comfortable clothing and lightweight armor.

As the name suggests, most are spellcasters.


Most ogre magi rely on their spells, resorting to physical combat only when necessary. When faced with obviously superior forces, they prefer to retreat using gaseous form rather than fight a losing battle.


  • Regeneration, temporarily negated by fire or acid damage
  • Gaseous Form
    • Once down to a certain health percentage, the ogre mage will turn to gas, thus disappearing and becoming untargetable. While in gaseous form, any ongoing effects will continue normally (such as DoT spells and the Ravager set bonus), but new effects cannot be applied. Ongoing effects can kill the ogre mage while in this form. After a few seconds, the ogre mage will reappear fully regenerated but not necessarily fully healed (for example, they might not heal all stat damage). Stunning / Paralyzing / Dancing effects will prevent the ogre mage from assuming gaseous form.
  • Low fortitude save.

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