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Wraith race

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A typical wraith

Wraiths are Undead type monsters.


Only the bravest of heroes - or at least, the most prepared and well-equipped - will dare to hunt down wraiths. These hellspawned creatures are not the usual dimwitted undead foes like skeletons or zombies. Despite their undead state, they are more intelligent than the typical commoner - or typical adventurer, for that matter. They stand out as one of most intelligent undead creatures short of liches.


  • Constitution drain
  • Wraith's Lingering Touch: Lasts 5 to 10 seconds. If a player character dies while under the influence of the wraith's touch, there is a chance that a wraith will spawn. Spawn Screen negates. When a wraith is about to attack with lingering touch, circles of dark energy will flow about its hands. Blocking or dodging the attack will avoid the effect.

How to overcome such foes? Fighting characters should invest in ghost touch weapons when they can find or afford them, as these weapons are the only implements that can reliably strike at these ghostly creatures. Equally important, they must watch closely for any sign that a wraith is marshalling the dark will to begin a Constitution-draining attack. If they notice in time, the bets are to either get out of the way quickly, or raise a shield or weapon to block the attack. For arcane characters, magic missile is the most effective and most available solution. Meanwhile, a cleric hero should be prepared with plenty of restoration spells for the inevitable Constitution damage.


  • Incorporeal: For most adventurers, the wraith is the first incorporeal creature that they face. This creature pays no heed to the toughest armors, and even the most well-crafted swords and arrows do little to affect it. It is naturally immune to wide range of spells and attacks, thanks to the "virtue" of being undead. Wraiths phase in and out of this plane, venturing into the ethereal plane for short time in order to pass through doors or to harry opponents with an attack or two, before making a sudden disappearance.
  • Damage Reduction 5-10/Magic: Although any randomly generated weapon will have at least a +1 enhancement bonus to bypass this damage reduction, you might be surprised noticing it when fighting with a ghost touch crafted weapon.


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