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Dream Reaver race

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A typical Dream Reaver


Dream Reavers are Aberration type monsters.



  • Claw (Slashing)
  • Cursed Wound - Chance to proc on hit, 20 second duration
  • Spell Point Absorption - Procs on hit and has a low Will save (3+12 saved on normal), deals 1d6 sp damage on hit regardless of result. Failed save seems to result in 2d12 (Rolled a 1 and took 22 SP damage) SP damage. DC scales with difficulty - higher on hard/elite.
  • Ranged attack is a non-functioning mind blast.


  • Continuous See Invisibility
  • Resistant to acid, cold, and fire (90-130 points)
  • Innate Freedom of Movement (immune to web and paralysis)
  • Higher than typical saves for monsters of the same level
  • About 47 AC (normal).
  • About 29 SR (on normal, HD + 10).


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Creature Entries (3)[edit]

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