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Kobold race

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The little kobold. It's only two feet tall. It weighs little more than a human toddler. And it's responsible for the deaths of thousands.

In many lands, the kobold represents little more than an training obstacle for lower-level characters. And it remains true that a single one of these sadistic little creatures presents little threat to the adventurers of Xen'drik. Unfortunately for many a lost soul and grieving widow, rare is it that a kobold is found alone & or, when alone, when a dozen more of the reptilians are not hidden nearby. The only good news that can be said is that the cowardly creatures have good reason to be timid in a trial of arms. With only a single strong blow or magic missile, a kobold's villainous career can come to a quick and bloody end.


Kobolds are not without their own heroes and leaders. Whether these are kobolds that have seen more of the world, or have simply survived a few attacks of adventurers, cannot really be said. Kobold sneaks, accomplished at the art of hiding and sneaking, benefit from their small size. Only the most aware of adventurers have a chance of noticing these creatures before they strike. Kobold shamans and sorcerers can unleash magical attacks ranging from small splashes of acid to more impressive curses that only a devout cleric could remove.

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