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Yugoloth race

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PnP Aracanaloth artwork

Yugoloth are neutral Evil Outsider type monsters.


Since Arcanaloths are the only sub-race of yugoloth currently in DDO, these descriptions will apply only to them.

Arcanaloths are the scribes, record-keepers, negotiators, and deal-makers for the yugoloths of Gehenna. As such, they are grasping, wheedling manipulators, but at least they’re generally true to their word.

An arcanaloth has humanoid form but the head of a fanged jackal or war dog. It dresses finely but is businesslike and abrupt, if not downright surly. Arcanaloths can speak and write any language.

Arcanaloths are weak in melee, but they are powerful spellcasters.



  • Immune to mind affecting spells
  • Immune to poison and acid
  • Resistant to fire and electricity


There are many types of yugoloth in Pen and Paper, but the only yugoloths currently in DDO are Arcanaloths.

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