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Salamander race

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A typical Salamander


No one knows the true intentions of the evil, mysterious creatures known as Salamanders. They live in the Elemental Plane, but come into the Material Plane by manifesting in forest fires, lava flows, fire pits, and other areas of extreme heat (their preferred environments are areas of 300 degrees minimum, and they can only survive in cooler environments for a few hours). Scholars and sages believe that salamanders have a sinister purpose for coming to the Material Plane, but only the Salamanders know it, and they are not telling. They are suspected to have dealings with the efreeti. Mages and priests who worship them are capable of summoning them for a short while.

Salamanders speak Ignan, and some speak Common.

Salamanders are Evil Outsider type monsters.


Salamanders attack with their body heat, and steel spears which they always carry. The spear, while deadly enough on its own, manifests the heat of the salamander itself. The mere touch of a salamander causes fire damage, and they can cause clothing to catch fire and armor to burn. They can also whip opponents with their tails and cast various fire spells.



  • Vulnerable to cold
  • Immune to fire
  • Heatwave -aura, increases player vulnerability to fire attacks


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