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Kelpie race

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A typical Kelpie


Origins: The Kelpie comes from Scottish origins, as a being of faerie. They are a shape-shifting race that entice their human prey by either appearing as a beautiful woman, or a strong horse near or in a bit of running water. It is also said that if they physically touch a human, the human in question is charmed, and the kelpie brings it down into the water, drowning the human in the process. The human becomes the kelpie’s next meal.

Description: The Kelpie either looks like a large, strong horse with a dripping wet mane, or a very beautiful woman, with seaweed or water plants in her hair. Their color is usually green They are a carnivorous and long lived organisms. They usually are found as solitary individuals, but extremely rare cases have been known to be in pairs or living groups.

Kelpies in DDO[edit]

These monsters appear in the White Plume Mountain quest of Update 39. They have a high DC, and protect the left hand corridor in that quest.


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Creature Entries (75)[edit]

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