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Winter Wolf sub-race

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Winter Wolf


Winter wolves are Magical Beast type monsters. However, they can be buffed and charmed as if they were Animal type


A winter wolf grows about 8 feet long and stands about 4½ feet at the shoulder. It weighs about 450 pounds. Winter wolves typically hunt in packs. Their size, cunning, and formidable breath weapon allow them to hunt and kill creatures much larger than themselves. A pack usually circles an opponent, each wolf attacking in turn to exhaust it. If they’re in a hurry, white wolves try to pin their foes.


In addition to all normal wolf tactics (claw, bite, trip), winter wolves can also use a cold breath at will. It is possible to make a reflex save to take only half damage.



As part of the Winter Festival, aesthetic changes are made to Winter Wolves

During Festivult (and the Risia Ice Games, before its retirement), aesthetic changes are made to Winter Wolves.

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