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Mimic race

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A typical Mimic


Nobody is quite certain where the first mimics came from - some believe they are native to the plane of Xoriat, others that they were intially created by wizards to guard their treasure vaults. Whatever the truth, mimics are patient ambush predators, mimicking a harmless treasure chest and waiting until some suitable prey comes into range of their adhesive tongue and rows of ravenous teeth.

Mimics are Aberration type monsters.


Mimics most often appear in the form of a treasure chest, although their natural color is a speckled grey that resembles granite. A mimic can alter its pigmentation to resemble varieties of stone (including marble), and various metals (including gold, silver, and copper).


  • Mimic Slobber (You are taking acid damage from mimic slobber. This damage over time effect can stack with itself if you are licked multiple times, dealing 3d8 acid damage every 2 seconds per application; no known limit on the number of times it can stack, blocking prevents)
  • Sticky (-70% movement speed, -20% attack speed, -4 AC penalty, -2 penalty to reflex saves, -25% fortification, cannot jump or tumble)


Creature Entries (16)[edit]

Mimic Hunt[edit]

Multiple times during the year, there is a special event called the Mimic Hunt. During this event, any and all chests in a dungeon can become mimics, and have higher CRs than normal monsters in the quest. Mimics that appear normally in quests are not part of the reward system for this event, and their CR is not changed.

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