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Spell Augmentation

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Table: Spell Augmentation
Prefix Caster level bonus
Lesser 1
Regular (no prefix) 2
Improved 3

Spell Augmentation

Effect: Spell Augmentation increases your effective caster level for Sorcerer / Wizard spells up to the listed level. It also works other classes that can cast spells from that spell list (e.g. Ranger casting Resist Energy). Augmentation does not affect spells you cast using items.

It increases the caster level of the spells you cast that fall within the items spell type (all for Arcane Augmentation) and spell level range (I through IX).

This can be a very powerful ability, as many spells gain additional damage, healing, charges, targets, missiles, rays and/or duration based on caster level, and the increased caster level also increases your caster level check to dispel magic, or to penetrate spell resistance, stacking with spell penetration items and feats.

Note: Many damage spells have maximum caster level. Arcane augmentation cannot improve the damage of a spell if your caster level exceeds the maximum caster level of the spell. On the other hand, augmentation increases the caster level (and damage) of uncapped nukes from Epic Destinies, such as Draconic Incarnation's Energy Burst or Dragon Breath.
Found on:

[ − ] Augmentation items(10 C)
[ + ] Augmentation items/Acid(1 P)
[ + ] Augmentation items/Arcane(18 P)
[ + ] Augmentation items/Cold(2 P)
[ + ] Augmentation items/Divine(5 P)
[ + ] Enchanting Death items(1 C)
[ + ] Augmentation items/Fire(4 P)
[ + ] Illusory Death items(2 C)
[ + ] Sea Attunement items(2 P)

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