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Northern Xen'Drik map
Stormreach city map

Your character's adventures in Dungeons and Dragons Online begin in the village of Korthos. Upon completing or bypassing the New Player Experience characters are transported via ship to The Harbor area of the city of Stormreach which in turn provides you with options to explore in locations throughout Xen'Drik, a jungle continent of vast size and varying climate. Xen'Drik lies to the south of Khorvaire, the primary continent of the Eberron campaign setting.

Stormreach is the largest populated frontier city of the continent. It is a former pirate city, built upon the ruins of an ancient civilization of giants. Stormreach is the adopted home to a variety of people and places.

Among all the places you'll visit, you'll meet many people who will engage you in a variety of Quests. Often you will find yourself in a Dungeon, where you can gain experience points which will help you to build and advance your character.

Shops, general vendors and pawn shops are all areas that you can sell your loot that you gain from from quests.

At inns you regenerate both your hit points and spell points over time. The base rate is the same slow rate as in the rest of the city (1 HP + 5 SP per 6 seconds, or 2 HP + 8 SP if you have the Blessing of the Silver Flame permanent favor reward effect), but you also have the option of buying varying types of food (for hp) and drink (for sp) from the Bartender (see Rations). Food and drink greatly increase the recovery rate of both your HP and SP for a minute or so or until you leave the inn.

Inns also recharge all your items and abilities as if you had rested. This happens once per minute for as long as you remain inside the inn. Inns also allow Clerics, Rangers, Artificers, Wizards, and Paladins to change which spells they have prepared.

Each inn has a Spirit Binder whom you can talk to - this will set that inn as your bind point, free of charge. You will re-spawn at that inn upon dying and releasing your spirit until you change your bind point again. The command "/resloc" will show where your current bind point is. If you would like to get to your bind point quickly, the command "/death" can get you there. Keep in mind however, you will die.

City zones[edit]

Area Connections to/from Stormreach
Shops/Amenities Inns Notes
Korthos Village The Harbor, The Keep on the Borderlands - - Dax Boon (general vendor) Wavecrest Tavern Exit to the Harbor by speaking to Valeria Sinderwind on the dock
The Harbor Korthos Village, Inspired Quarter, Airship, Lordsmarch Plaza, Marketplace, Cerulean Hills, The Gatekeepers' Grove, Cliffside Docks District - yes Dagoward's Apothecary · Hammer and Chain · Elspeth Wright - General Vendor The Leaky Dinghy · The Wayward Lobster Connection to Eveningstar is possible for characters who have completed the Web of Chaos story arc
The Marketplace The Harbor, Airship, Catacombs, Gianthold, House Cannith, House Deneith, House Jorasco, House Kundarak, House Phiarlan, Lordsmarch Plaza, Sands of Menechtarum, Searing Heights, Siber Atoll, Subterrane, The Twelve yes yes The Marketplace Bazaar · Lordsmarch Bank The Rusty Nail · Phoenix Tavern · The Portable Hole a second teleporter and airship portal are available inside the Hall of Heroes
House Cannith Marketplace yes - The Burnished Bull
House Deneith Marketplace, Airship, Sorrowdusk Isle, Sovereign Host Temple, Three-Barrel Cove yes yes Fare Trades · Lion's Head Armory · Dragon Tooth Arms Anvilfire Inn · Hammersmith's Inn
House Jorasco Marketplace, Airship, Delera's Graveyard, Land of Barovia, Blood on the Vine Tavern, Blue Water Inn yes yes Empty Handed · House of Wizardry · Feather's Fall Apothecary Drowning Sorrows Tavern · Open Palm Inn
House Kundarak Marketplace, Airship, Ataraxia's Haven, The Red Fens, Black Anvil Forest yes yes Second Gauntlet Goods · Liquid Charm · Cold-Fired Armory Belly up Tavern · Ever Full Flagon Three-Barrel Cove
House Phiarlan Marketplace, Airship, Tangleroot Gorge, The Necropolis, The Shrouded Vale yes yes Erstwhile Emporium · Object Desire · Vestrii's Arms Bogwater Tavern · Golden Wing Inn
The Twelve Marketplace, Airship, Lordsmarch Plaza, Tower of the Twelve, Hall of Heroes via farshifter Norogorn Thaq - yes Lahar (Token of the Twelve vendor) Caravan
The Tower of the Twelve The Twelve, Amrath via planescaller Magnus d'Orien, - - In the Runes Adept's Rest
Catacombs The Marketplace - -
Lordsmarch Plaza Lordsmarch Palace, The Harbor, The Marketplace, The Twelve - -
The Inspired Quarter The Harbor, Isle of Forgotten Dreams yes - Brokers, General Vendor, Hireling Vendor The Windward Tavern Access via the Gate from The Harbor restricted to characters Level 4+
The Necropolis House Phiarlan, Upper Necropolis via farshifter Gavonn Monthip (reads Black Mausoleum on map), and a gate to far north for Upper Necropolis - - Collectors, General Vendor, Bank, Auction House One Foot Inn
Eveningstar The Harbor (via Eveningstar Cavern), The Thunder Peaks, Hall of Heroes, Tethyamar Mining Outpost, Wheloon Docks, Land of Barovia, Blood on the Vine Tavern, Blue Water Inn - (no1) Challenge Traders, Brokers, General Vendor, Reagent Vendor, Trainers, Bank, Hireling Vendor, General Vendor The Lonesome Tankard
Smuggler's Rest The Harbor - - Rook's Gambit (only available during the Crystal Cove event, unless bound there) (only available when Treasure of Crystal Cove is active)

1. There are also several locations that do not have a visible tower, but still provide access. Airships can also be boarded at:

Note also that in House Cannith, an airship tower can be seen on the skyline towards the southeast, but is inaccessible.

Outdoor zones[edit]

Area Connections to/from Shops Inns Notes
Amrath Tower of the Twelve The Refectory
Barrel's Bottom The Harbor, House Deneith Hawk the Peddler (General Supplies) Salty Wench Tavern Also entry from House Kundarak
Also an exit-only airship portal
Black Anvil Forest House Kundarak
Gianthold The Marketplace Morksarn's Mess
Jungle Clearing House Phiarlan
Meridia The Vale of Twilight Belline Toulina (General Vendor) The Windswept Oasis Farshifter provides exit to The Twelve
Reaver's Refuge (see notes) Manar'ak (General Supplies) Kobold Korner Entry (only) from The Marketplace, exits (only) to The Harbor
Pool of Reflection House Jorasco
Restless Isles Marketplace The Foothold
Ruins of Threnal House Phiarlan Delver's Canteen
The Shrouded Vale House Phiarlan a small pre-quest zone
Sorrowdusk Isle House Deneith The Eye of Kol Korran
Steam Tunnels The Marketplace
Tangleroot Gorge House Phiarlan The One-Eared Bugbear Inn
Zawabi's Refuge The Marketplace Raff's Watering Hole
(Kobold Island) No longer available
(Postern Gate Wilds) No longer available

Wilderness adventure areas[edit]

See the dedicated page for wilderness adventure areas.

People and creatures[edit]

This link is a spreadsheet of some of the people & creatures you will meet in Stormreach. Feel free to add to the list.