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The Tower of the Twelve

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The Twelve patron symbol.png
Outside view
Interior view - look as of Update 11
Tower of the Twelve map.png

This tower in The Twelve houses a tavern, Magnus d'Orien the farshifter to Amrath, an arcane shop, the Altar of Insanity, and Jeanselme Brucetius the Patron of The Twelve.

Quest Givers:

Gustavine Kyerrh, bestows The Thirteenth Eclipse (story arc)
Basmore Trask, bestows the Reign of Madness (story arc)
Horace Neble, bestows Sane Asylum
Krannoch Flamehand, bestows The Lord of Stone
Elawyn Thwr, bestows The Lord of Eyes

Researchers: These researchers offer some dialog and useful knowledge to players.

Mandelbrot - Daelkyr Researcher
Hurtlekin Kraw - Xoriat Researcher
Artunos of the Third Eye - Beholder Researcher


Ulf Q'shal - Barkeep
Yalina Eldcrest - Barkeep
Monnys Orien - Potion and Arcane Reagent Vendor (In the Runes)
Palomic - Arcane Wands and Scrolls Vendor (In the Runes)

Other NPCs:
These NPCs offer a single line of dialog, mostly regarding The Twelve protocol.

Raya Timeron
Vyona Tablar
Serrano of the Sphere
Yorias Heyn
Vash Ch'thurn
Linna Regale
Jarn Leapbrook
Gladace Tiff

Tavern Patrons:

Illiyana Parish
Finn Davies
Bathilda Flanworth
Runstable Flanworth
Mort Val Worte
Laraine Ivillys