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Valeria Sinderwind

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Valeria Sinderwind.jpg

Name: Valeria Sinderwind

Race: Drow Elf

Gender: Female


Description: First mate of the Sojourn

Notes: She is responsible for transportion between her locations.

Korthos Village[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the village, she will be cursing around, and will tell you the following:

  • Valeria Sinderwind: Blasted cultists! Blasted Sahuagin! And most of all... blasted dragon!
    • You: Cultists?
      • Valeria Sinderwind: When the Sahuagin came, half the village decided that worshipping the Devourer beats a sacrificial knife in the gut.
      • Valeria Sinderwind: But when you join the Devourer Cult... you change. I'm telling you, if you see a cultist, kill it.
      • Valeria Sinderwind: You'd be doing whoever it used to be a favor.
    • You: Sahuagin?
      • Valeria Sinderwind: As a sailor, I'm no stranger to Sahuagin.
      • Valeria Sinderwind: But those stinkin' fish-people started worshipping the Devourer. Normally, to each her own, I'd say. But come on, the DEVOURER!
      • Valeria Sinderwind: Now the Sahuagin have taken Korthos, and everyone's just fodder for their sacrificial altars... I really have to get off this island.
    • You: Dragon?
      • Valeria Sinderwind: A white dragon... that ice belching monster that's been attacking everything around here!
      • Valeria Sinderwind: The Devourer Cult's somehow controlling it, and it's sinking every ship across Shargon's Teeth!
      • Valeria Sinderwind: My ship ain't setting sail 'till that dragon's gone.

After you complete Misery's Peak, she will allow you aboard:

  • Valeria Sinderwind: Ahoy there. The Sojourn will be leaving for Stormreach harbor soon. Do you need passage?
    • You: Yes, I'd like to go to Stormreach.
    • You: No, I'm not ready to leave.

The Harbor[edit]

At anytime you are at the Harbor, you can talk to her:

  • Valeria Sinderwind: Ahoy, <name>.
  • Valeria Sinderwind: The Sojourn will be sailing back to Korthos soon. Are you lookin' for passage there?
    • You: Yes, I'd like to go to Korthos.
    • You: No, I'm not ready to leave.