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A broker is a special type of vendor NPC. Brokers pay more for your items than other vendors do (15% of value instead of 10%), but each broker only buys items of a specific category (i.e. "armor", or "weapons", or "jewelry", or "clothing"), and with an exclusive gold/platinum value-range they deal in (so if the item you want to sell/buy is above/below that range, you have to go to a different broker).

Brokers also keep any item sold to them and put it in their sales inventory for other characters to buy. (They do buy, but do not resell, bound items.) Because of this, their lists of items for sale constantly change. At any given time they may offer items that cannot be found on ordinary vendors or on the Auction House. However, they charge a significant markup over the item's base value. Brokers have no stock items — they only sell things that have been sold to them (except the lowest-tier brokers, which start with a small random inventory). Augmented gear is often dumped on pawn brokers, making brokers an ideal resource for Cannith crafters.

Furthermore, if a zone has multiple instances, the brokers in each instance of a zone have separate inventories, and all brokers have their inventories reset any time their instance de-spawns (which happens if no one is in the instance for about 5 minutes). When a new instance is created (due to the only instance having de-spawned, or overcrowding of existing instances), the lowest-tier brokers start with 5 random items for sale; all other brokers start empty. Weekly server maintenance resets the broker inventories.

Brokers remember up to 100 of their most-recently bought items. If they are at this limit, the oldest item is removed when someone sells them a new item.

Broker buy/sell prices are affected by your Haggle skill. They are not affected by whether you have completed their zone's vendor reputation quest.

Brokers do not offer the buyback feature that ordinary vendors do. If you sell an item to a broker by accident or you change your mind about selling it, the only way to recover it is to buy it back at the broker's asking price...and hope no one else bought it first. An exception to this is Bound items sold to brokers: since they cannot be sold to other players, they appear on the buyback tab as usual.

Brokers do not buy gems, and they only repair items that they'll buy. They charge the normal rate for repairs and have the normal chance of permanent damage, so there is no advantage to repairing at a broker. See the Repair (equipment) article for a list of cheaper/higher quality repair locations.

Broker Locations[edit]

Looking at an area map, brokers can be identified by a silver coin icon, in contrast to regular vendors who can be identified by a bronze coin icon.

Brokers at different locations buy and sell items based on the type and base value of the item.

Jewelry and Clothing[edit]

  • There are brokers in The Marketplace for all values of jewelry (neck, wrist, finger, eye, and trinket slot items) and clothing (head, cloak, waist, hand, and foot slot items). Note that clothing does not include robes, which are considered armor since they equip to the body slot.
Jewelry Brokers
Item Value Location Shop NPC
Up to 300pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Lukas Pietre
300 - 800pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Dorcas Goleras
800 - 1,500pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Yorinda d'Phiarlan
1,500pp+ Marketplace Pawn Exchange Thadeus Boch
1,500pp+ Eveningstar Town center Jorro Dander
Clothing Brokers
Item Value Location Shop NPC
Up to 300pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Shard
300 - 800pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Lorne Ferny
800 - 1,500pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Darien d'Jorasco
1,500pp+ Marketplace Pawn Exchange Koliam
1,500pp+ Eveningstar Town center Clara Makepeace

Armor and Weapons[edit]

  • Note that there are no brokers for armor or weapons with base values of 300 pp and under. Vendors are the only buyers of such "low-value" items.
  • Reaver's Refuge, Amrath, the Inspired Quarter, and Eveningstar have brokers for weapons 4,900pp+ and armor 2,400pp+. Because these armor/weapon brokers are located next to each other, it may be useful to use them instead of traveling to House Deneith and House Kundarak individually. Also, Amrath has a constant Greater Heroism-like buff, so you get a better Haggle while you are there, if you can't get Greater Heroism by other means.
Armor Brokers
Item Value Location Shop NPC
300 - 800pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Calloway Turrilcob
800 - 1,500pp House Kundarak Second Gauntlet Goods Derek Kandar
1,500 - 2,400pp House Kundarak Second Gauntlet Goods Thorvax d'Kundarak
2,400pp+ House Kundarak Second Gauntlet Goods Beli Sanddap
2,400pp+ Reaver's Refuge Near bar U'hatik
2,400pp+ The Inspired Quarter Western end of the area Soot
2,400pp+ Amrath Northern end of the area near the bar Quet
2,400pp+ Eveningstar Town center Athyr Worrel
Weapon Brokers
Item Value Location Shop NPC
300 - 1,700pp Marketplace Pawn Exchange Jacobi Alluance
1,700 - 3,100pp House Deneith Fare Trades Karl Arklan
3,100 - 4,900pp House Deneith Fare Trades Sarah d'Deneith
4,900pp+ House Deneith Fare Trades Lorindal Jaro
4,900pp+ Reaver's Refuge Near bar Xinak
4,900pp+ The Inspired Quarter Western end of the area Hanna the Hammer
4,900pp+ Amrath Northern end of the area near the bar Hah'met
4,900pp+ Eveningstar Town center Wargraf Tull

Special Brokers[edit]

  • Ataraxia's Haven has a hybrid NPC named Vahna Smythe. Like a Broker, items sold to her stay in her inventory, and only items she won't re-sell are added to the buyback option (bound items and ammo). She will buy any item a Vendor will but she only pays prices equal to a standard Vendor with the reputation quest bonus (see Haggle for details). Since she will buy some items that no other broker exists for (such as scrolls, potions, and wands), she is a good place to watch for rare items of these types. There are some items she won't buy (such as Dragonshards, most DDO Store items, etc.). She has no set inventory and starts empty on a fresh instance.