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House of Wizardry

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Entrance to "House of Wizardry" in House Jorasco


The House of Wizardry is located in House Jorasco on the southern most area, directly east of the entrance for Redwillow's Ruins. They have vendors for mid-level arcane spells and higher level divine spells. The also have a divine spell enhancement potion vendor and a wand vendor.

Arcane Scroll Vendor - Levels 4-5[edit]

Auromir Palance

Divine Scroll Vendor - Levels 3-7[edit]

Aulandar Thistlecrown

Wand Vendor[edit]

Guilliam Feathercrest (Minimum Level 5-7 Wand Vendor)

Divine Spell Enhancement Potion Vendor[edit]

Basillca Tardin (Divine Spell Enhancement Potion Vendor)

  • Potion of Ardor
  • Potion of Cacophony
  • Potion of Greater Ardor
  • Potion of Greater Brilliance
  • Potion of Greater Cacophony
  • Potion of Greater Nihil
  • Potion of Improved Ardor
  • Potion of Improved Brilliance
  • Potion of Improved Nihil
  • Potion of Lesser Ardor
  • Potion of Lesser Nihil
  • Potion of Nihil
  • Potion of Superior Ardor
  • Potion of Superior Nihil

Access to (certain) spell power potions might require Thrall of the Necreomancer completionHouse Jorasco favor. (DDO Forums)