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Erstwhile Emporium

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Outside view of the Erstwhile Emporium

The Erstwhile Emporium is a shop located in the southwest corner of House Phiarlan, just north of the Airship access portal. Inside is a General Vendor named Drudori Alzander and an Expert Accessory Repairer named Reckard Sorl.

Drudori Alzander[edit]

Drudori sells a variety of goods for the brave adventurer which are the following:

  • Basic Arrows & Bolts
  • Basic Darts & Shuriken
  • Basic Throwing Axes, Daggers & Hammers
  • Basic Healer's Kits, Repair Kits and Thieves' Tools
  • Spell Components for up to Level 7 Spells for both Arcane & Divine Casters
  • Spell Inscription Materials for up to Level 7 Wizard Spells
  • Medium Collectable, Gem and Ingredients Bags

Reckard Sorl[edit]

Reckard (expert) or his apprentice (normal) will repair most magical clothing and jewelry. Whether you have access to the expert or normal repair service is dependent on how much Favor you have with House Phiarlan.