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In the Runes

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"In the Runes" is the name of a magic shop, located in the east wing of the Tower of the Twelve. Their wares, not surprisingly, are targeted toward arcane casters.

Palomic (Arcane Wands and Scrolls Vendor)

  • 50 charges for the following wands:
    • Wand of Charm Monster
    • Wand of Fear
    • Wand of Ice Storm
    • Wand of Magic Missile (7th)
    • Wand of Phantasmal Killer
    • Wand of Repair Critical Damage
    • Wand of Stoneskin
  • Scroll of Ball Lightning
  • Scroll of Bestow Curse
  • Scroll of Crushing Despair
  • Scroll of Cyclonic Blast
  • Scroll of Fear
  • Scroll of Fire Shield
  • Scroll of Ice Storm
  • Scroll of Phantasmal Killer
  • Scroll of Remove curse
  • Scroll of Repair Light Damage, Mass
  • Scroll of Shout
  • Scroll of Stoneskin
  • Scroll of Teleport

Monnys Orien (Potions and Arcane Reagent Vendor)

  • Potion of Curse Removal
  • Potion of Poison Neutralization
  • Potion of Resist Acid 20
  • Potion of Resist Cold 20
  • Potion of Resist Electricity 20
  • Potion of Resist Fire 20
  • Potion of Resist Sonic 20
  • Balls of Bat Guano and Sulfur
  • Bits of Sunstone
  • Black Onyx
  • Bone bits
  • Crushed Black Pearl
  • Crystal Cone
  • Crystallized Residuum
  • Drops of Sweet Oil
  • Eyelashes in Gum Arabic
  • Glob of Elemental Grease
  • Hearts of Hens
  • Licorice Root
  • Pieces of a War Machine
  • Pinches of Fine Sand
  • Pinches of Powdered Adamantine
  • Pork Rinds
  • Pouches of Granite and Diamond Dust
  • Powdered Ruby
  • Scrap Metal from a Forge
  • Small Hard Rods
  • Snakeskin Gloves
  • Tuning Forks
  • Two-Headed Coins
  • Level 1 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 2 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 3 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 4 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 5 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 6 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 7 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 8 Spell Inscription Materials
  • Level 9 Spell Inscription Materials