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Feather's Fall Apothecary

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Entrance to "Feather's Fall Apothecary" in House Jorasco

This shop is located in the center of House Jorasco, near to and south of the Teleporter. It has three vendors that sell arcane and divine spell ingredients as well as general potions (cure moderate wounds, barkskin, remove curse, etc.).

Available Items and their Base Values[edit]

Alamere Evilbane - Divine Reagent Vendor - Levels 1-9[edit]

Anointed Cold Iron Weapons[edit]

Cleric/Favored Soul Material Components[edit]

Paladin Material Components[edit]

Ranger Material Components[edit]

Special Components[edit]

Druid Material Components[edit]

Salar Riptalon - Arcane Reagent Vendor - Levels 1-9[edit]

Artificer Material Components[edit]

Bard Material Components[edit]

Sorcerer/Wizard Material Components[edit]

Spell Inscription Materials[edit]

Special Components[edit]

Quolish Wren - Potion Vendor[edit]