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Hireling vendor

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Hireling vendor icon.png

A Hireling vendor is an NPC that sells contracts for Hirelings. Vendors in different areas tend to offer hirelings of levels appropriate to quests in those areas. The Guild Hireling Vendors, found in House Kundarak enclave, are a notable exception to this general rule.

Most hirelings, including some not available anywhere else in the game, are also available for DDO Points in the DDO Store.

Area Type Vendor Notes
Korthos Lvl 1 Jevan Solidus center of Korthos Village, accessible from near lighthouse in southeast Harbor
The Harbor Lvl 1-3 Groodug Meathands in the south/southeast area of The Harbor, just west up from the foot of the long pier that leads to/from the lighthouse and Korthos.
The Marketplace Lvl 4-6 Draithon Aurelius All 6 are located in the southeast of the Marketplace, just west of the Rusty Nail tavern.
Lvl 7-10 Kaeless
Lvl 11-13 Dibber Malone
Lvl 14-16 Crimson Annja
Lvl 17-20 Skirvir Stormedge
Epic Tolbard the Dauntless
Gianthold Lvl 11-13 Raissa Gnomeslayer Both are near a small campfire in the east of the Gianthold, somewhat hidden behind a ring of crates.
Lvl 21-27 Zekny Rassp
Meridia Lvl 14-16 Kyrian Flamewarden northwest corner of the temple, ground level. Midway between the Auctioneer and the Farshifter
Amrath Lvl 17-20 Yett the Taskmaster Located on the North side, in the Yugoloth Emporium, beside the entrance to the tavern 'The Refectory'
Inspired Quarter Lvl 17-20 Zebidiah Truefoot in the north/northeast section of the area called Adventurer's Corner
Eveningstar Lvl 14-27 Hosgerd Lar center of Eveningstar; if you ask for the best, level 21-27 hireling contracts (plus Wyoh)
Barovia Lvl 10, 11-12, 20+ Mora Swilova Blue Water Inn
City of Sharn Lvl 14-16, 20+ Gerthin Sokoran Sharn - Clifftop Tower District
Kundarak Enclave Melee Lvl 1-16 Casamir Vindberg Barbarian, Fighter, & Paladin hireling contracts to members of guilds of level 12 or higher.*
Arcane Lvl 1-20 Azalia Verne Sorcerer & Wizard hireling contracts to members of guilds of level 14 or higher.*
Divine Lvl 1-20 Petrina Alsorn Cleric hireling contracts (no Favored Souls) to members of guilds of level 16 or higher.*
* Guild (G) Hireling Vendors sell select normal hireling contracts at a 9.1% discount compared to other hireling vendors, but do not offer Gold Seal hirelings for Astral Shards. The three are located together, near the mailbox, in the southwest of the Kundarak Enclave, due south of the Stormreach Teleporter and due north of The Marketplace gate.