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Eberron Campaign Setting

Eberron is a fantasy campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. Selected as the Winner of the 2002 Fantasy Setting Search, the Eberron campaign setting was created by author and game designer Keith Baker. The original source book was published in 2004 and was subject to a strong promotional push with the release of D&D version 3.5 .

Integration into Dungeons & Dragons Online[edit]

City of Stormreach sourcebook

Set in the vast unexplored mysterious continent of Xen'Drix, Dungeons & Dragons Online introduces players to the Intrigue and Mystery of the Dragonmarked Houses and other political organizations as the characters learn to survive on the edge of the wilderness in the frontier city of Stormreach. Despite it relatively small size, as a deep water port on the eastern coast of the Skyfall Peninsula Stormreach's importance to the point of entry and trade into the interior of Xen'Drik.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach[edit]

Initially released as Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach in February 2006 the quests and game play centered on the city of Stormreach with a few incursions into heartland of Xen'Drik. Over the 8 modules and 14 updates to the game the story line and game play took players further from the City Center.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach - Demon Sands[edit]

Initially announced as the first premium expansion to Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach the Demon Sands was set in the desert of Menechtarun. A number of factors, including decreasing game population, resulted in the paid expansion being modified into standard update known as Module 3 the Demon Sands.
NOTE Several stores took pre-orders for this expansion that never shipped and it is still possible to pre-order on a few web-sites.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited[edit]

With the release of Update 0 in September 2009 and the advent of hybrid Free to Play (F2P) model the game was renamed Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited.

Dungeons & Dragons Online[edit]

Menace of the Underdark the first released premium expansion to Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited took characters to Forgotten Realms campaign setting and away from the Eberron Campaign setting for the first time brought about the latest name change of the game to Dungeons & Dragons Online

Things to know about Eberron[edit]

  • Eberron is a world of Magic, not high magic, rather it is a world of mundane simple magic used for every day purposes. Eberron has advanced through the advancement of magic as opposed to the advancement of sciences.
  • The Last War has ended - maybe. The Last War immersed the entire continent of Khorvaire in a Civil War that lasted more than a century. The signing of the Treaty of Thronehold brought peace, creation of the five nations of Khorvaire from the once mighty single Kingdom of Galifar. A treaty may bring peace on a battlefield it does not bring peace to the mind body and soul.
    • While the Last war has ended the Nations of Khorvaire compete at almost every level, threats remain and the many believe the peace may only be a pause in the war.
  • Dragonmarks. The great Dragonmarked Families are the barons of industry and trade throughout Khorvaire and beyond. These Houses derive tier power from the hereditary sigils of arcane power which manifest themselves on various members of the family.
  • Dragonshards. The creation myths of Eberron describe three parts; the ring above, the subterranean world below and the land in between. Each of these parts is linked to great dragons of legend; Eberron, Khyber, and Siberys. The power of each of these parts is caputured within Crystal Shards; the Dragonshards. Siberys for the sky above, Eberron for the Land in between, and Khyber for the world below. Through Dragonmarks these powers can be harnessed and used throughout all of Eberron.
  • Warforged. First brought to life as the soldiers of the Last War Warforged are sentient living constructs which have recently developed free will and a strong desire to prove they belong.
Originally Posted by Keith Baker

String exceeds 1,000 character limit for automatic parsing of {{BB code}}, passing quote through:
(...) I know some people out there are curious about the connection between the sourcebook and the online game set in Stormreach. Was the book designed with the MMO in mind? (...)

City of Stormreach is first and foremost a sourcebook for traditional D&D, not a guide for playing the online game. There are things in DDO that directly contradict printed sourcebooks or novels - and in every case that I'm aware of, when there was a contradiction, we sided with the print version. So, for example, the Storm Lords in CoS are the five people mentioned in Secrets of Xen'drik, not the ones you see in DDO. With that said, if you have played DDO, you will see a lot of familiar faces and places in CoS. (...) However, you'll also see Tattered Alice, Berrigan Enge, The Wayward Lobster, and lots of other things from DDO.

There are a few other major clashes with the online game. For one thing, in DDO, the city overall is a fairly fantastic place; the Market is quite a sight. (...) By comparison, City of Stormreach emphasizes that Stormreach is a frontier town. It's built amid the ruins of previous civilizations, and it's a ramshackle and relatively lawless place. (...) The key here is that Stormreach is a very different place from Sharn. It's smaller, far from the heart of things, and a place where militias and gangs have more power than the forces of the law. It's a place where the Last War is still being fought by many groups. And it's a place where a small group of capable adventurers can really make a difference. (...)


Eberron world map

The effects of Magic, its everyday use and the unchecked misuse have turned Eberron into a world of extremes. Great Beauty can exist alongside a terrible darkness, plentiful rain fall next to blinding desert. There are four great continents on Eberron; Argonnessen, Khorvaire, Sarlona, and Xen'Drik. The Underdark of Khyber marks the world below and 13 planes of existence orbit the material plane.


The secretive land of the dragons where dragons alone rule supreme. The Draconic Prophecy consumes many of the long lived dragons as they study the world around for signs and portents of what is to come. Few, if any, outside of the Dragons of Argonnessen understand the prophecy yet many would give everything for even the slightest glimmer of understanding.


The end of the Last War and the Peace of Thronehold did little to bring normalcy back to Khorvaire. Twelve Nations, the Dragonmarked houses, many other geo-political organizations race and compete to strengthen their own standings while weakening all of their neighbors. It is a world of mundane magic which has replaced scientific expansion.


Once the cradle of human civilizations for three millennia Sarlona has been home to the Inspired, a powerful dynastic assemblage of psychic embodiment of the Quori from the Plane of Dal Quor; plane of dreams. As the Last War ended for the first time in fifteen hundred years emissaries of Sarlona have visited throughout Eberron.


Secrets of Xen'drik sourcebook

Rising like a dagger from the south, beyond Shargon's Teeth and the Thunder Sea the mysterious and unexplored world Xen'Drik calls to adventures from throughout Eberron. Eighty Thousand years ago the Giants of Xen'Drik built a civilization with advances in magic and technology may never again be reached. What is seen today is barely a scratch on the surface in comparison to their world. This civilization was built on the back of slave labor, principally the Drow. The Quori from the Plane of Dal Quor invaded the material plane the giants used great magic to sunder the link bringing the wrath of the Dragons of Argonnessen upon them. The Dragons devastated the Giant Civilization, freeing their slaves and sending the giants back to the stone age. Today tribes of Giants live in ruins of the once powerful giant empire without knowing who or why they were made. Adventurers come to Xen'Drik to search for the illusive Siberys Dragonshards and escape the political world of Khorvaire.


In Shargon's Teeth the isolated fishing village of Korthos takes it name from the island on which it is located.

Shipwreck Shore located on the south west corner of the island is littered with wreckage and flotsam as the island's proximity to shipping lanes between Xen'Drik and Khorvaire and a nearby stretch of dangerous reefs have brought notoriety to the island as many a ship have been lost nearby during the passage with survivors and debris washing up. Several vessels regularly make stops to the sheltered harbor as this small village has become the focal point of trade between Stormreach and local sahuagin tribes


A small frontier city nestled on the eastern coast of the Skyfall Peninsula in Xen'Drik. Despite its small population, Stormreach is an important city because of its location, allowing easy docking access to travelers wishing to enter Xen'Drik. The city also acts as a center for trade and commerce for all who visit the lost continent of Xen'Drik. Stormreach is known by some as the "City of Dungeons" because it was built atop an ancient city from the long-lost Xen'Drik civilization of giants.


The Menechtarun desert is vast expanse covering most of the northwestern quadrant of Xen'drik. Besides its size, the desert is known for its often fatally high temperatures and the ruins of civilization ruled by the Demon Queen.


The immense subterranean Underdark world that is said to be the embodiment of the Dragon Below.

Planes of Existence[edit]

Within the Astral Plane thirteen planes orbit the material plane of Eberron. These complex orbits bring the planes closer to or further from Eberron allow more or less interaction depending on their location within the orbit. The Quori for the Plane of Dreams, Dal Quor, and the eternal war of Angels, Devils and Demons on the plane of Shavarath have spilled into Eberron most recently.

About Eberron[edit]

Eberron is the latest setting designed for the D&D game, but it's no simple backdrop to cookie-cutter adventures. The land of Eberron challenges players and DMs to excel in ways that bring the game to startling levels of excitement. Eberron was created by Keith Baker and developed by Bill Slavicsek and James Wyatt in a new way to address a new breed of roleplayer.[1],

Eberron is Intrigue and Mystery

The world of Eberron is ravaged by centuries of war that have only recently ended. Enemy nations that fought each other to a standstill over countless, bloody battlefields now turn to subtler methods of conflict. The assassin's dagger replaces the warrior's sword, and the conspirator's whisper speaks more loudly than the general's bellow.

While nations scheme and merchants bicker, priceless secrets from the past lie buried and lost in the devastation, waiting to be tracked down by intrepid scholars and rediscovered by audacious adventurers.

Eberron is Ancient, Widespread Magic

Magic pervades the world of Eberron. It creates wonders of engineering and architecture that rival the boldest dreamscapes. Magic transforms life into bizarre shapes and creates artifacts in intricate patterns for purposes that are lost in time.

It also leaves its mark -- the coveted Dragonmark -- on members of a gifted aristocracy. Some use their gifts to rule wisely and well, but too many rule with ruthless greed, seeking only to expand their own dominance.

Eberron is Swashbuckling Adventure

The heroes of Eberron are bold champions. Cinematic action and dark legends fill their quests with danger and excitement while careening from one heart-pounding thrill to the next. Eberron is no place for the meek or hesitant. Courage, strength, and quick thinking are needed to survive and prosper in this land of peril and high adventure.

Eberron is Attitude The heroes of Eberron come in every size and shape. They are set apart by boldness and a drive to succeed. Power in Eberron comes in many forms beyond swords and spells. Money and influence are as mighty as armies. In a world teetering on an upturned blade separating war and peace, anyone can become great who possesses the strength and courage to walk that knife's edge.

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