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Rune Arm Imbue

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This is a special buff that Rune Arms can imbue onto your primary hand weapon.
Rune Arm weapon imbues now scale with 200% Melee or Ranged Power (whichever is higher).
It will generically add 1d4, 2d4, 2d6, or 2d8 for Max Charge Tier 2, 3, 4, or 5 respectively.
Force imbues do the same damage as an elemental imbue one level lower.
The following table shows each Rune Arm --> imbued damage die --> imbued damage type

Imbue Level   Elemental Damage die   Non-Elemental Damage die  
I 1d4 1d2
II 2d4 1d4
III 2d6 2d4
IV 2d8 2d6
V 2d10 2d8
VI 2d12 2d10
Rune Arm name   Damage die   Damage type  
Thought Spike 1d2 Force
Candlelight 1d2 Light
Khyber's Fury 1d4 Fire
Flicker 1d4 Electrical
Flame Warden 1d4 Fire
Chulchannad's Claw 1d4 Cold
Coronach 1d4 Light
Recoyle 1d4 Force
The Astral Projector 1d4 Evil
Strinati's Hand Cannon 2d4 Fire
Chimera's Breath 2d4 Electrical
Hand of the Tombs 2d4 Fire
The Disciplinator 2d4 Electrical
The Pea Shooter 2d4 Acid
Trial by Fire 2d4 Fire
The Devourer's Hunger 2d4 Cold
Arcing Sky 2d6 Electrical
Chill of Winter 2d6 Cold
The Turmoil Within 2d6 Acid
Titan's Fist 2d4 Force
Tira's Splendor 2d6 Light
Lucid Dreams 2d6 Force
Archaic Device 2d6 Force
The Epic Astral Projector 2d6 Evil
Glorious Obscenity 2d8 Acid
Animus 2d8 Fire
Toven's Hammer 2d8 Electrical

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