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Craftable Rune Arm

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This Rune Arm is craftable and can be customized using recipes at standard crafting devices after disjuncting.

This property exists on some non-StarterIcon tooltip.pngStarter: Starter equipment cannot be traded, sold or crafted.
This item cannot be fed to sentient jewels.
Heroic-level rune arms. It indicates that the rune arm may be upgraded via Cannith Crafting.

  • Before you can craft on a rune arm, you need to drag it into Item Deconstruction altar along with a Dust of Disjunction.
  • Disjuncting a rune arm removes many of its existing effects.
  • The minimum level of rune arms cannot be changed.
  • For rune arms of ML10 or lower, you can apply a prefix shard and a suffix shard.
  • For rune arms of ML11 or higher, you can apply prefix, suffix, and extra slot.
  • Rune arms have their own subset of Effects that can be applied to them via Shards (similar to trinkets, but fewer effects).
  • To reset the rune arm back to its original state, combine the rune arm with a Dust of Disjunction in a Device Workstation.

Other Rune Arms may be upgraded by other methods or may have Augmentation Slots.


Before Update 32, it was possible to reduce the minimum level of craftable rune arms.

Existing rune arms were not changed with the release of Update 32. Players can manually reset their items in a Device Workstation. Enchantments, including Masterful Craftsmanship I remained intact when Update 32 went live, until the rune arm is cleansed or reset.

An Arcing Sky Rune Arm with a Shard of Masterful Craftmanship already applied (note the lowered Minimum Level of the Rune Arm)