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Shipwreck Shore

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Shipwreck Shore loading screen

The dark tide washes upon a lonely beach. The wind is chill and icy. Is this Xen'Drik at last?

Shipwreck Shore map


This is the starting zone for all level 1 characters. You wash ashore here after a dragon destroys your airship.




Tips & Miscellaneous[edit]

  • If you are new to the game check out the Newbie guide and the New Player FAQs!
  • If you have at least one character on this server who has completed The Grotto, your future characters have the option to skip the Korthos storyline when they talk to Jeets. If you select this option, your character starts on the "sunny side" of Korthos Village with gear from the chest in The Grotto, a choice of weaponry given by Cellimas at the end of The Grotto, and 850 XP.
  • Sunny side means you can freely travel between Korthos and Stormreach via The Harbor and all the quests are optional. If you do not skip the Korthos storyline, you will be transported to the "snowy side" of Korthos Village once you complete The Grotto. By talking with Valeria Sinderwind (First Mate of the Sojourner) at any time, you can skip the Korthos storyline and travel to Stormreach. Characters on the snowy side of Korthos cannot interact with characters on the sunny side, and vice versa.
  • You get 470 XP for completing this quest after going through The Grotto or 850 XP by skipping The Salvation of Korthos storyline. You do not receive any bonus XP for smashing breakables.
  • If you initially decide not to skip the Korthos Storyline and then change your mind, you can get a second chance at this choice by talking to Jeets after resetting Shipwreck Shore. This can be accomplished by entering and leaving the Grotto or logging out and relogging.
  • Barrels and Crates have a very good chance to drop coins or Starter Potions of Heal Light Wounds. Resetting Shipwreck Shore will also reset these breakables.
  • As of Update 11, Talbron will lead you personally to the Grotto instead of staying behind with Jeets.
  • Although the in-game screen and text spell the continent's name "Xen'Drik", it's actually spelled "Xen'drik", with a minuscule "d".
  • If you happen to die (from falling damage) and have to release you will respawn at 1HP back at the water's edge.
  • After completing The Grotto if you recall instead of using the exit, you can return to Shipwreck Shore. Jeets and Talbron have returned here and are now joined by Cellimas. Talking to Cellimas will give you the option to be transported to Korthos Village. Although Jeets will still give you the option of skipping the Snowy Korthos storyline, you will not get an additional 850 XP if The Grotto is already complete.

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