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This item currently cannot be fed to sentient jewels and probably should be able to.

Minimum Level 3
Light Spirals icon.png

Light Spirals

Target:Foe, Directional, Breakable
Description:Fires chaotic bolts of light that damage your enemies. At higher charge levels multiple bolts are rapidly fired. Opponents struck by these bolts receive a Will save for half damage.

NOTE: The damage values below are WRONG!!! Please see Light Spirals or the picture of the item description for the correct values.
Charge Tier I: 4 to 10 + 1d2 per Artificer level
Charge Tier II:5 to 15 + 1d4 per Artificer level
Required Trait Artificer Rune Arm Use
Use Magical Device DC None
Binding Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire
Durability 75 / 75
Made from GemIcon tooltip.pngGem: Items made of gem are generally extremely durable and have a very high hardness. Most commonly used to make trinkets and docents.
Hardness 13
Base Value 00013500001,350ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 0.25 lbs
Location Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate, End chest

Cannith Crafting

Description Valisk of Thrane hated tombs, but his adventuring companions enthusiastically hunted the undead. He crafted this rune arm from various items he found to protect himself from the abominations.
Notes Candlelight after disjuction: Candlelight d.jpg

Candlelight when worn: Candlelight shown.jpg