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Devil Assault (quest)

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To bypass the damage reduction (DR) of devils, you need a silver or good weapon or a weapon that is both silver and good, depending on the devil. To bypass the DR of a demon, you need a cold iron or good weapon, or a weapon that is both cold iron and good. Good metalline weapons can bypass the DR of both types of creature.

Devil Assault adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Devil Assault
Devil Assault
Heroic level: 6
Epic level: 21
Duration: Long
Heroic XP:  ♣1,704Solo/Casual ♦3,037Normal ♥4,211Hard ♠5,386Elite
Epic XP:  ♣9,881Solo/Casual ♦17,026Normal ♥17,584Hard ♠18,142Elite
Takes place in: Market Barracks
Bestowed by: Lyvetenant Thifspar
NPC contact: Lyvetenant Thifspar
Quest acquired in: The Marketplace
Patron: The Coin Lords
Base favor: 5
Purchase: Devil Assault or VIP
Extreme Challenge: Yes
M devil assault.png
Loading screen


Lyvetenant Thifspar in the Marketplace needs help repelling the Devil assault on one of the Stormreach Guard barracks. If you're up for this task, then enter the Market Barracks.

  • The difficulty on Heroic levels of this quest follows a non-standard level progression:
  • Casual: Level 5
  • Normal: Level 6
  • Hard: Level 12
  • Elite: Level 18
  • The monster's CR range from level-2 (first wave) to level+2 (fifth wave, boss)
  • This quest is available on Heroic Reaper difficulty; however, as a base-level 6 quest, characters above level 10 cannot enter. This is WAI. DDO Forums
    • The monster's CR range from 14 up to 21?. Reapers are CR 21.
  • This quest does not award Delving Bonus.
  • This quest is popular not only for its difficulty (survival combat in a confined space) but for the Token of the Twelve rewards in Epic play.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!


  • Enter the barracks
  • Survive and defeat the devil invasion (5 waves total)
  • (Optional) Defeat the first wave — Bonus (25%): Heroic( ♣426 ♦759 ♥1,053 ♠1,347 ) Epic( ♣2,470 ♦4,257 ♥4,396 ♠4,536 )
  • (Optional) Defeat the second wave — Bonus (40%): Heroic( ♣682 ♦1,215 ♥1,684 ♠2,154 ) Epic( ♣3,952 ♦6,810 ♥7,034 ♠7,257 )
  • (Optional) Defeat the third wave — Bonus (60%): Heroic( ♣1,022 ♦1,822 ♥2,527 ♠3,232 ) Epic( ♣5,929 ♦10,216 ♥10,550 ♠10,885 )
  • (Optional) Defeat the fourth wave — Bonus (100%): Heroic( ♣1,704 ♦3,037 ♥4,211 ♠5,386 ) Epic( ♣9,881 ♦17,026 ♥17,584 ♠18,142 )

What to Expect

  • Spawning/respawning monsters

Tips and Misc

  • None of the "optionals" are at all optional. If you complete this quest you will earn the XP for every one of the "optionals" listed above.
  • When running Epic version of this quest for Tokens of the Twelve, this quest is most frequently run on Epic Normal (Level 21), as higher difficulties do not have a higher Token of the Twelve drop count.needs verification
  • On heroic elite, farming the first wave can be a good source of Mysterious Remnant (chests).
  • As you approach the door, Guard Joalam will warn you that once you go in, the door will be locked. You can't get out, and if you recall and re-enter (or use Dimension Door), the gate will be down, and you can't resume the battle. At quest completion, you are able get back in to get the chests.
    • Certain mobs (Bearded Devils, Orthons, etc.) can teleport through the front door to attack anyone who's waiting for the completion on the "wrong" side of the door.
  • The enemies get harder with each wave; don't get over-confident.
  • The first boss appears at the end of the third wave, after about 115 kills. Once this boss is slain, there is a brief pause and one chest and shrines appear (they disappear once again when the fourth wave begins).
  • The second boss appears at the end of the fourth wave, after about 160 kills. Again, once this boss is slain, there is a pause in the battle, giving you a new set of shrines and chance to grab the next chest.
  • The third boss appears at the end of the fifth wave, after about 200 total kills. Killing him completes the quest and a new set of shrines appear.
  • On Epic difficulties, the 2nd boss – Baktor, a Horned Devil, suffers from an annoying bug that causes him to teleport indefinitely over and over at a fast rate. You can fix him: Any sort of effect that normally resets aggro or AI will work. For example: Mass invisibility, Intimidate, Bluff, Diplomacy or Improved Deception can work. Mass Invisibility tends to be the most effective, as it removes everyone from his aggro list and resets his AI.
  • Also, beware of Turigulon's Pit Fiend's Super Natural Venom/Poison on Epic Elite/Reaper. On a failed Fortitude save, and roll of 1, your Constitution will drop to 0 and you will be stunned. You'll be quickly killed if solo.
  • Hirelings can be summoned at any time by standing very close to the entrance door.
  • Because of the way this quest changes, all the mobs are considered their equivalents on Heroic Normal for the Monster Manual (MM). Monsters listed on Heroic Hard and higher difficulties, if not found on other quests, will not be added to the MM count. On the other hand, since the 5th wave of Heroic Normal is composed exclusively by troglodytes, if you have troglodyte Mastery, you can see the HP of every monster in the 5th wave of every difficulty.

See also

Bonus XP

  • Aggression bonus: 34 or more monsters killed +10% Bonus.( ♣170 ♦304 ♥421 ♠539 )
  • Onslaught bonus: 67 or more monsters killed +15% Bonus.( ♣256 ♦456 ♥632 ♠808 )
  • Conquest bonus: 100 or more monsters killed +25% Bonus.( ♣426 ♦759 ♥1,053 ♠1,347 )
Notes: Even on normal conquest bonus is guaranteed.


  • Chests: 4 (+ 1 on epic)
    • 1 after the third wave
    • 1 after the fourth wave
    • 2 (+ 1 on epic) after the fifth (and final) wave

NPC end rewards

Randomly generated loot, ML correlates with effective quest level.

Named Chest Drop

Last Edited Item Type Enhancements ML Bind Quests
  • Update 66.0.1
  • 4 months and 1 day
  • Stumpy
Rune Arm 
  • Exploding Fire Shot
  • Banishing WeaponsIcon tooltip.pngBanishing Weapons: While wearing this item, your melee and ranged weapons gain Vorpal Effect: In addition, on an attack roll of 20 which is confirmed as a critical hit this weapon will banish a creature from this plan of existence. Powerful creatures may resist the vorpal effect until sufficiently wounded.
  • Taint of EvilIcon tooltip.pngTaint of Evil: Good aligned characters equipping this item suffer a temporary negative level until the item is removed.
19 Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire Devil Assault (quest), End Chest
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  • Occasional Greensteel crafting or Boots of Anchoring ingredients. Small chance on all difficulties; greater chance on Elite or Epic difficulties.


Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Baktor( view
 • edit )
 ♦25Epic Normal ♥34Epic Hard ♠51Epic Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Bearded Devil Skirmisher( view
Bearded Devil Skirmisher.png
 • edit )
 ♥12Hard Evil Outsider Devil
Bezekira( view
Bezekira Generic.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥12Hard Evil Outsider Devil
Captain Borth( view
Captain Borth.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥14Hard Evil Outsider Devil
Captain Razor( view
Captain Razor.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠20Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Captain Suryon( view
Captain Suryon.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦8Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Colonel Yagora( view
Colonel Yagora.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠21Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Corrupted Fire Elemental( view
Corrupted Fire Elemental.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠18Elite ♦20Epic Normal ♥28Epic Hard ♠43Epic Elite Elemental Fire Elemental
Elite Barbazu Captain( view
Elite Barbazu Captain.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠18Elite ♦23Epic Normal ♥32Epic Hard ♠49Epic Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Elite Barbazu Shock Trooper( view
Elite Barbazu Shock Trooper.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠16Elite ♦23Epic Normal ♥32Epic Hard ♠48Epic Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Elite Orthon Shock Trooper( view
Elite Orthon Shock Trooper.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠18Elite ♦23Epic Normal ♠48Epic Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Ranger( view
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Ranger.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦15Normal ♠22Elite ♥22Epic Hard ♠34Epic Elite Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiendish Batling( view
Fiendish Batling.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦3Normal ♥12Hard Magical Beast Bat
Fiendish Dread Bat( view
Fiendish Dread Bat.png
 • edit )
 ♠15Elite ♠25Epic Elite Magical Beast Bat
Fiendish Lion( view
Fiendish Lion.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦3Normal ♥11Hard Magical Beast Lion
Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion( view
Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦3Normal ♠26Epic Elite Magical Beast Scorpion
Fiendish Troglodyte Archer( view
Fiendish Troglodyte Archer.png
 • edit )
 ♥10Hard Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiendish Troglodyte Scout( view
Fiendish Troglodyte Scout.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiendish Troglodyte Shaman( view
Fiendish Troglodyte Shaman.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥21Hard Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiendish Troglodyte Skirmisher( view
Fiendish Troglodyte Skirmisher.png
 • edit )
 ♥10Hard Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiendish Troglodyte Sniper( view
Fiendish Troglodyte Sniper.png
 • edit )
 ♠17Elite Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiendish Troglodyte Swordsman( view
Fiendish Troglodyte Swordsman.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiendish Troglodyte Warrior( view
Fiendish Troglodyte Warrior.png
 • edit )
 ♥12Hard Reptilian Troglodyte
Fire Bat( view
Fire Bat.png
 • edit )
 ♥9Hard Magical Beast Bat
Frenzied Bezekira( view
Frenzied Bezekira.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠17Elite ♠45Epic Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Gish Fire Hands( view
Gish Fire Hands.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦7Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Gizhiss( view
 • edit )
 ♥13Hard Reptilian Troglodyte
Greater Hell Hound( view
Greater Hell Hound.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal Evil Outsider Hellhound
Hell Fire( view
Hell Fire.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠20Elite ♦23Epic Normal ♥32Epic Hard ♠49Epic Elite Elemental Fire Elemental
Hell Scorpion( view
Hell Scorpion.png
 • edit )
 ♥9Hard Magical Beast Scorpion
Infernal Stinger( view
Infernal Stinger.png
 • edit )
 ♠15Elite Magical Beast Scorpion
Master Stralazar( view
Master Stralazar.jpg
 • edit )
 ♥13Hard Native Outsider Tiefling
Orthon( view
 • edit )
 ♦12Normal ♥15Hard ♠20Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Tiefling Apprentice( view
Tiefling Apprentice.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Captain( view
Tiefling Captain.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Infiltrator( view
Tiefling Infiltrator.png
 • edit )
 ♦5Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Master Warlock( view
Tiefling Master Warlock.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠18Elite ♦22Epic Normal ♠46Epic Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Poison Blade( view
Tiefling Poison Blade.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Razor Bow( view
Tiefling Razor Bow.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal ♠45Epic Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Scout( view
Tiefling Scout.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦5Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Sniper( view
Tiefling Sniper.png
 • edit )
 ♥12Hard Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Spellbow( view
Tiefling Spellbow.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠18Elite ♥30Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Warlock( view
Tiefling Warlock.png
 • edit )
 ♥12Hard Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Warrior( view
Tiefling Warrior.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Tiefling Wizard( view
Tiefling Wizard.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦6Normal ♦22Epic Normal ♥30Epic Hard ♠45Epic Elite Native Outsider Tiefling
Turigulon( view
 • edit )
 ♦25Epic Normal ♥35Epic Hard ♠53Epic Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Vermin Keeper (Bearded Devil)( view
Vermin Keeper.jpg
 • edit )
 ♠14Elite ♦23Epic Normal ♠48Epic Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Vermin Keeper (Tiefling)( view
Vermin Keeper (Tiefling).jpg
 • edit )
 ♦4Normal Native Outsider Tiefling
Vermin Keeper (Troll)( view
Vermin Keeper (Troll).png
 • edit )
 ♥11Hard Giant Troll
Warlord Hissyasha( view
Warlord Hissyasha.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦9Normal Reptilian Troglodyte