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Shard Exchange

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UI ShardExchange.png
An item was sold for 5,000 AS, and 1,500AS (30%) was extracted as Auction fee, since it was an unbound item.

Shard Exchange (aka Astral Shard Exchange (ASE) or Astral Shard Auction House (ASAH)) is a variant of the Auction House introduced with Update 17 Patch 1. It is available by visiting an auctioneer NPC, or it can be accessed from the start menu at any location (even in quests).

This exchange uses Astral Shards as the only currency for trading (regular auction house uses platinum coins). It is also the only way in game to trade already-equipped Bound-to-Character-on-Equip items. These items immediately bind to their new owner.

  • The Shard Exchange is only available to Premium and VIP players. Free to Play players can browse the Shard Exchange listings but will be prompted to upgrade to Premium or VIP if they attempt to place a bid on an item or place an item on them self.
  • Premium players can post up to ten items, and VIP players can post up to 20 items.
  • Posting fees for unbound items is one Shard, and posting fees for BtCoE items is five Shards. These fees are refunded if the auction is cancelled or expires.
  • The default bid for unbound items is three Shards. The default bid for BtCoE items is fifteen Shards.
  • The Shard Exchange will take a 30% cut (on top of the posting fee) when unbound items are successfully sold, and a 40% cut (on top of the posting fee) for bound items.
  • When selling items available in the DDO Store, you cannot set a buyout price when posting. This restriction applies to