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Diseases can generally attack your ability scores over time, diminishing your fighting ability to leave you helpless. They may also leave you blinded.

Diseases are either natural, magical, or supernatural.

Diseases differ from curses in that they are often the effect of a physical act or touch.

When you are exposed to a disease, your character makes a saving throw vs. the disease's difficulty class. Your character will have a modifier to this saving throw derived from your class levels and your race, potentially modified by what enhancements and feats you have taken, as well as whatever buffs have been cast on you, and what equipment you are wearing.

All Diseases are permanent until removed. They usually offer a recurring save every 60 seconds. However the first save will only negate the relevant effects of the disease, and not remove it. You must save consecutively twice in a row to rid yourself of a disease. Supernatural diseases never expires and keep requiring saves until you cure them.

Sources of Resistance/Immunity to Disease[edit]

  • Warforged are immune to ability score damage from natural diseases, except those that specifically affect wood or metal, and get a +10 to saves vs magical diseases, and do not fail saving throws against them on a natural 1.
  • Paladins are granted immunity to all diseases at level 3 with the granted feat Divine Health.
  • Monks are granted immunity to all natural diseases at level 5 with the granted feat Purity of Body.
  • Proof Against Disease item enhancement (immunity to natural diseases; bonus to save against magical diseases and do not automatically fail on a natural 1)
  • Aside from saving against the affliction twice, diseases can be removed by the Remove Disease spell or potion, or the Monk spell-like ability, The Receptive Earth.

Natural Diseases[edit]

Magical Diseases[edit]

  • Blinding Sickness: You have been diseased and may soon suffer additional Strength damage. (Blinds when acquired, 25 seconds timer)
  • Cackle Fever: You have been diseased and may soon suffer additional Wisdom damage. (30 seconds timer)
  • Demon Fever: This weapon is infected with a night hag's Demon Fever disease. On critical hits it will transfer the disease to enemies, dealing 1d8 Constitution damage. A successful Fortitude save (DC 22) negates this effect.
  • Devil Chills: You have been infected with a vile contagion and may soon suffer additional Strength damage (60 seconds timer)
  • Ghoul Fever: You have been diseased by a ghoul and may soon suffer additional Strength and Constitution damage. (30 seconds timer)
  • Maggot Plague: This item carries the Maggot Plague disease, which deals 1d6 Constitution damage and may be contracted by enemies that hit you (Fortitude DC 20 to negate)
  • Mindfire
  • Mummy Rot: You have been exposed to Mummy Rot and will soon succumb to the curse. You will suffer additional Constitution and Charisma damage until you are cured or die. If you act quickly, a Remove Disease will cure this effect. After it sets in, to be cured, you must first be trated by a Remove Curse effect and then by a Remove Disease effect.
  • Necrotic Touch: You have been affected by Necrotic Touch and will soon have your body melt away. (60 seconds timer)
  • Red Ache: You have been diseased and may soon suffer additional Strength damage. (15 seconds timer)
  • Shakes: You have been diseased and may soon suffer additional Dexterity damage. (30 seconds timer)
  • Slimy Doom: You have been diseased and may soon suffer additional Constitution damage. (6 seconds timer)
  • Spawn of Vulkoor Implant: You have been implanted by a Spawn of Vulkoor and may suffer additional damage until you are cured or you die (30 seconds timer)

Supernatural Diseases[edit]