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Category:Monster Manual/Ogre

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Name Image Farm Locations
Ahraatz-Ri Ahraatz-Ri.jpg
Argor Soulbane Argor Soulbane.jpg
  • The Depths of Doom — May appear in one of three spots: at the second junction, just before the shrine or immediately after the door opened by two levers
Aurgus Blackstone Aurgus Blackstone.jpg
Barxer Rare Encounter Barxer.jpeg
Bash Bash.jpg
Black Sun Ogre Black Sun Ogre.jpg
Blackthorn Blackthorn.jpg
Blitz Blitz.jpg
Bloodknuckles Bloodknuckles.jpg
Boss Durna Boss Durna.jpg
Boss Gullo Boss Gullo.jpg
Boss Ruug Boss Ruug.jpg
Boss Ur-Fal Boss Ur-Fal.jpg
Boss Uzaki Boss Uzaki.jpg
Brog Brog the Mighty.jpg
Chef Grank Chef Grank.jpg
Darak Kar-Thul Darak Kar-Thul.jpg
Dinks Dinks.jpg
Droaam Peacekeeper Droaam Peacekeeper.jpg
Droaam Vanguard Droaam Vanguard.jpg
Drunken Ogre Drunken Ogre.jpg
Fractious Ogre Fractious Ogre.jpg
General Tagherist General Tagherist.jpg
Ghola-Fan Ghola-Fan.jpg
Grust the Usurper Grust the Usurper.jpg
Haarg the Harrowing Haarg the Harrowing.jpg
Hammerfist the Mighty Hammerfist the Mighty.jpg
High Shaman Mak-Murug High Shaman Mak-Murug.jpg
Infected Ogre No pic.jpg
Kar-Thul Diviner No pic.jpg
Kar-Thul Enchanter Kar-Thul Enchanter.jpg
Kar-Thul Enforcer Kar-Thul Enforcer.jpg
Kar-Thul Harrier Kar-Thul Harrier.jpg
Kar-Thul Impaler Kar-Thul Impaler.jpg
  • Jungle Clearing — (CR  ♦NormalIcon tooltip.pngNormal ♥HardIcon tooltip.pngHard ♠EliteIcon tooltip.pngElite) - Common enemy
  • The Spawn of Whisperdoom — (CR  ♦NormalIcon tooltip.pngNormal ♥HardIcon tooltip.pngHard ♠EliteIcon tooltip.pngElite) - Common enemy in Village and Hatchery
Kar-Thul Martinet Kar-Thul Martinet.jpg
Kar-Thul Mystic Kar-Thul Mystic.jpg
Kar-Thul Warrior Kar-Thul Warrior.jpg
Kasi Nokhba Kasi Nokhba.jpg
Kornak Kornak.jpg
Krung the Brutal Krung the Brutal.jpg
Kruts the Cruel Kruts the Cruel.jpg
Kurmer Rare Encounter Kurmer.jpeg
Lurking Thug Lurking Thug.jpg
Mudwallow Ogre No pic.jpg
Mudwallow Ogre Mage Mudwallow Ogre Mage.jpg
Murat the Maniacal Murat the Maniacal.jpg
Nar'Azmath Nar'Azmath.jpg
Nurag Kar-Thul Nurag Kar-Thul.jpg
Ogre Ogre.jpg
Ogre Battle Thrall Ogre Battle Thrall.jpg
Ogre Brute Ogre Brute.jpg
Ogre Chieftan No pic.jpg
Ogre Commander Ogre Commander.jpg
Ogre Cutthroat Ogre Cutthroat.jpg
Ogre Lackey Ogre Lackey.jpg
Ogre Leader Ogre Leader.jpg
Ogre Mage Cultist Ogre Mage Cultist.png
Ogre Mystic Ogre Mystic.jpg
Ogre Shaman Ogre Shaman.jpg
Ogre Warlock Ogre Warlock.jpg
Old Hardtack Old Hardtack.jpg
Pain Pain.jpg
Prison Guard Prison Guard.jpg
Pukru Rare Encounter Pukru.jpg
  • The Vale of Twilight — along the West edge of the map, in the North corner of the alcove area directly West of the ruins
Quartermaster Drant Quartermaster Drant.jpg
Runetusk Berserker Runetusk Berserker.jpg
Runetusk Brawler Runetusk Brawler.jpg
Runetusk Champion Runetusk Champion.jpg
Runetusk Commander Runetusk Commander.jpg
Runetusk Fighter Runetusk Fighter.jpg
Runetusk Mage Runetusk Mage.jpg
Runetusk Overseer Runetusk Overseer.jpg
Runetusk Ranger Runetusk Ranger.jpg
Runetusk Scout Runetusk Scout.jpg
Runetusk War-Mage Runetusk War-Mage.jpg
Runetusk Warlock Runetusk Warlock.jpg
Tako the Killer Tako the Killer.jpg
Taskmaster Tar-Lom Taskmaster Tar-Lom.jpg
The Cook The Cook.png
Thorngak Thorngak.jpg
Turnkey Turnkey.jpg
Unkor the Gourmet Unkor the Gourmet.jpg
Ur-Keshik the Seer Ur-Keshik the Seer.jpg
Uthger Runetusk Rare Encounter Uthger Runetusk.jpeg
Vorag the Vengeful Vorag the Vengeful.jpg
Vortarg Kar-Thul Vortarg Kar-Thul.jpg
War Master Krug War Master Krug.jpg
War Master Muurj War Master Muurj.jpg
War Master Naarl War Master Naarl.jpg
Warden Feng Warden Feng.jpg
Yre Kubuts Yre Kubuts.jpg

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