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Unkor the Gourmet

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Want to taste Unkor's signature recipe? Unkor call it Ogre-Baked Dwarf -- because dwarf is baked by ogre! So crispy! So savory! All firebrands say that Unkor's gourmet cooking is best in Burning City!

Unkor the Gourmet.jpg

Type: Giant (List)

Race: Ogre (List)

Sub-race: Ogre Mage (List)

Monster Manual classification: Ogre

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Color Type: Orange - Named Enemy

Rare: No

CR:  ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♥31Epic Hard

Attack: Sleep (spell), Dispel Magic, Fireball, Ball Lightning; Greatsword (Slashing), Longbow (Piercing)

Special Qualities: Ogre Mage special qualities; Blur, Bull's Strength, Invisibility, Protection from Energy: Fire,


Description: When you meet him, he will not attack you on sight. You can talk to him and convince him to:

  • Give you the key while he focus on cooking (Diplomacy DC  ♠20Elite)
  • Tell him his cooking is bad, making him ignore Gaspar and attack you (Bluff DC  ♦21Normal)

If you fail the skill check, he will cook Gaspar, and then fight you with his Kitchen Assistants regardless.