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Type: Giant (List)

Race: Ogre (List)

Sub-race: Ogre Mage (List)

Monster Manual classification: Ogre

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Color Type: Orange - Named Enemy

Rare: Yes

CR:  ♦7Normal

Attack: Greatsword (Slashing), Longbow (Piercing), Spells -  Sleep, Protection from Energy: Acid, Scorching Ray, Cone of Cold, Shocking Grasp, Lightning Bolt, Niac's Cold RayNormal

Special Qualities: Regeneration, Gaseous Form, Fire or Acid damage applies VulnerableIcon tooltip.pngThis monster is currently vulnerable. and pauses Regeneration


Description: Kornak, tribal mage, is a rare encounter in the Tangleroot Gorge wilderness area. He resides in the back room of the Lair of the Burning Skulls with his worg pets. Defeating him awards a chest.