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Category:Monster Manual/Scorpion

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Name Image Farm Locations
Armored Scorpion Armored Scorpion.jpg
Aspect of Wrath Aspect of Wrath.jpg
Bile Bile.jpg
Blacktail Blacktail.jpg
Cave Twilight Scorpion Cave Twilight Scorpion.jpg
Chactini No pic.jpg
Claw of Vulkoor (monster) Claw of Vulkoor.jpg
Cove Scorpion Cove Scorpion.jpg
Crystal Scorpion No pic.jpg
Darksting Darksting.jpg
Death Stalker Death Stalker.jpg
Deathfang Deathfang.jpg
Desert Scorpion No pic.jpg
Desert Twilight Scorpion Desert Twilight Scorpion.jpg
Doomstalker Doomstalker.jpg
Dunestalker No pic.jpg
Duskspur Duskspur.jpg
Ebony Rare Encounter Ebony.jpeg
Fellsting Fellsting.jpg
Fiend-Blood Scorpion Fiend-Blood Scorpion.jpg
Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion.jpg
Gloom's Huntress Glooms Huntress.jpg
Guard Scorpion Guard Scorpion.jpg
Hatchling Hatchling.jpeg
Hell Scorpion No pic.jpg
Illusionary Scorpion Illusionary Scorpion.jpg
Infernal Stinger No pic.jpg
Island Scorpion Island Scorpion.jpg
Jungle Scorpion JungleScorpion.png
Lacerator, Scorpion Manhunter Rare Encounter Lacerator.jpeg
Large Monstrous Scorpion Large Monstrous Scorpion.jpeg
Large Twilight Scorpion Large Twilight Scorpion.jpg
Medium Monstrous Scorpion Medium Monstrous Scorpion.jpg
Menechtarun Cleaver Menechtarun Cleaver.jpg
Menechtarun Crusher Menechtarun Crusher.jpg
Monarch Scorpion Monarch Scorpion.jpg
Mother Scorpion Mother Scorpion.jpg
Needleclaw Needleclaw.jpg
Nesting Scorpion Nesting Scorpion.jpg
Night Scorpion Night Scorpion.jpg
Rancor Rancor.jpg
Ravenous Ravenous.jpg
Rhath Rhath.jpg
Roaming Scorpion No pic.jpg
Sandstalker No pic.jpg
Schenker Rare Encounter Schenker.jpeg
Scorpion Ambusher Scorpion Ambusher.jpg
Scorpion Guardian Scorpion Guardian.jpg
Snikkit Rare Encounter Snikkit.jpeg
Spawn of Vulkoor Spawn of Vulkoor.jpeg
Spellspew Scorpion Spellspew Scorpion.jpg
Stonelands Scorpion No pic.jpg
Vengeance Vengeance.jpg
Vile Twilight Scorpion Vile Twilight Scorpion.jpg
Vilesting Vilesting.jpg
Wrathspawn Wrathspawn.jpeg

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