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Lava Caves: Circles of Power

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Vaults of the Artificers adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Vaults of the Artificers

(Note: This does NOT mean it requires purchase of anything, you may play with free daily tokens.)

Lava Caves: Circles of Power
Level Range: 4-15
Duration: Fixed time limit
20 minutes
Base XP Range: 800-3000
Takes place in: Lava Caves
Challenge entrance(s) in: House Cannith
Patron: House Cannith
Free to Play: No
Group Difficulty: Average
Solo Difficulty: Average
5 Star Difficulty: Average
Lava Caves: Circles of Power map (legend)


Lava Caves: Circles of Power is one of the challenges added in Update 12.

*Blue, green, yellow, and red represent relative level, high to low respectively. *Arrows represent jump-off points to bottom level

Countless crystal deposits can be found inside this vast network of blistering hot caves.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!

Star Objectives

  • Collect 150 crystals
  • (Optional) Collect 300 crystals above your quota
  • (Optional) Find the azure motes (5)
  • (Optional) Do not buy any torches
  • (Optional) Keep all kobolds alive

Note: You must complete the first star objective to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps

None, however exploding purple crystals count as force traps, and the lava caves obviously feature lava, which can be a deadly obstacle sometimes.

Tips and Misc

  • In the first room there is a magical circle, which will form a two-way portal for kobolds and players (and monsters!) with a kobold teleporter placed in a circle of power.
    • Circles of Power appear as circles of swirling orange energy.
    • Torches will link through both sides of the portal, allowing you to start a new torch line from any connected circle of power on the map.
    • The Circle of Power and the Magic Circle have the same connection radius as a torch, and in that way can act as a torch themselves.
    • While any activated Circle of Power will allow teleportation back to the Magic Circle, you and your kobolds may only teleport back out to the most recently activated Circle of Power.
      • Kobolds can teleport back using any teleporter, even if it is not within a Circle of Power.
  • Mote locations are random.
  • Proof against poison items/Neutralize poison make life much easier. The dungeon is inhabited with scorpions, scorrow and drow.
  • Kobold positions are marked on the map, allowing you to monitor their progress when not near them.
  • Don't forget to gather the free torches near where you enter. The Kobolds can easily figure out how to get back to base with only one or two torches connected to the magic circle.
  • Like the other Kobold Mining Union challenges, your Crystal Cove Pirate Hats will buff the Kobolds.
  • After you obtain a set amount of dragonshards (about 150) over your quota, Scorrow Warriors will begin spawning in on the base. They do so only occasionally, but a single unchecked one will quickly tear through the Foreman and your remaining workers – this is the point at which you need to drop everything as soon as you hear "Incoming!".

Challenge Duration

Fixed: 20 Minutes

  • Can only be increased by a maximum of one minute via the minute of time watch.


  • Chests: One per red named killed.
  • Ingredient reward: Icon Ingredient CannithChallenge ObsidianArrowhead.png Obsidian Arrowheads – 57% of your total score


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