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Item:Thieves' Tools

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A set of Thieves' Tools

Thieves' Tools are a required item for the use of Open Lock and Disable Device skills. If you have no Tools in your Inventory, you cannot perform either of these tasks.

Thieves' Tools provide a bonus to the skill roll ranging from +1 to +7 (Basic Tools provide a +1 bonus, Masterwork Tools provide a +2 bonus, and magically enchanted tools provide an additional bonus from +1 to +5 on top of the +2 Masterwork bonus). The maximum stack size is 1,000 in a single inventory or bank slot.

Sources of Thieves' Tools[edit]

Thieves' Tools are typically bought and found in stacks of 50.

Thieves' Tools can be...

  • bought from any General Vendor ("basic" tools only)
  • found in chests (with a bonus dependent on quest level)
  • +1 to +4 tools are available from the Free Agents vendor, Sorvile Smythe (found in The Harbor across from the gate to The Marketplace). You need 75 Favor to buy +1/+2 tools, and 150 Favor for +3/+4 tools. (Note that tools bought from Sorvile are all Bound to Character on Acquire.)
  • bought from the Auction House (in varying stack sizes, and varying asking prices)
  • constructed with Trap Parts (see below)
    A set of Rusty Thieves' Tools
  • Note: "Rusty Thieves' Tools" also exist and can be purchased (base price 1 gold) for from Elspeth Wright after completing the The Lost Seekers (Waterworks) story arc. However, their maximum stack size in only 3, (not 1,000) in a single inventory slot. Rusty Thieves' Tools provide: Open Lock Bonus: −2 and Disable Device Bonus: −2. Obviously, these should only be purchased as an extreme emergency measure.

Using Thieves' Tools[edit]

Thieves' Tools have no minimum level which largely makes the +5 variety obviously preferable. As many traps will injure a character on a failed roll (and some chests are also trapped), any character wishing to use Open Lock or Disable Device should use the best tools they can, and may want to consider the acquisition of +5 Tools as a priority.

When you attempt to Open Locks or Disable Devices with Tools, the game automatically deducts 1 Tool from the stack, regardless if the attempt was successful or not.

If you have more than one stack of Tools in your Inventory (possibly with different bonuses), the game will automatically select, add the bonus from, and deduct 1 Tool from the first stack listed (reading left to right, top to bottom, starting with the first Inventory tab). This means that the game does not automatically use "the best" Tools in your inventory! It is advised that Trap specialists always keep the stack they prefer to use permanently in the very first slot (top left corner, 1st tab) in their pack, so any lesser quality "found" tools are not accidentally used instead.

In part because of this, the bonus from Thieves' Tools is not reflected in the Skill Totals listed on the Character Sheet.

  • Tip: Some players will drag/drop their stack of Thieves' Tools to a hotbar slot, so they have a constant visual count of the number of tools they have remaining. It is generally considered extremely bad form for a trap disarmer to run out of tools in the middle of a quest.

See the DDO information project for DC's of Traps and Locks throughout the game.


In a Device Workstation combine a number of Mechanical Trap Parts and a weapon with the corresponding enchantment bonus (the weapon will be consumed in the crafting process) to create a set of 50 Thieves' Tools.

The Trapmaking Feat is not required for the manufacture of Thieves' Tools. However, a character without the Trapmaking Feat will need to acquire the Mechanical Trap Parts from another character.

  •  10 Mechanical Trap Parts and a +1 weapon for 50 +1 Thieves' Tools
  •  25 Mechanical Trap Parts and a +2 weapon for 50 +2 Thieves' Tools
  •  50 Mechanical Trap Parts and a +3 weapon for 50 +3 Thieves' Tools
  •  75 Mechanical Trap Parts and a +4 weapon for 50 +4 Thieves' Tools
  • 100 Mechanical Trap Parts and a +5 weapon for 50 +5 Thieves' Tools

Note: +6 and greater weapons cannot be used to make thieves' tools.