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Update 46 randomly generated loot

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Update 46 Patch 2 changed how random loot is generated.

Lamannia preview thread: DDO Forums

This affected also random loot generated by some alternative means, such as turning in Antique Bronze Tokens.

Release notes excerpt[edit]

Common Enchantments

Several new and returning single enchantments are now random loot options, and several less-usable or bugged options (such as Damaging Guards) have been removed from the drop tables.

Rare Special Prefixes

Ninety new and returning special enchantments are now included in random loot from levels 5 and above. These special enchantments contain a third (or fourth, if the item is above level 10) enchantment, bringing the maximum number of enchantments of a random loot item to four.

These special prefixes will display a teal border on the item to help visually contrast them with other random loot. Teal borders are now reserved for items with a rare special Prefix enchantment, and, as a result, items that have rolled higher in item quality, such as Masterful Craftsmanship, no longer display a teal border.

Casting Quarterstaffs

Caster Quarterstaves have their own set of random loot adjustments and special enchantments, aiming to make their use for spellcasters more attractive. The maximum number of enchantments on a caster quarterstaff is now six, up from three.

Minimum Level of Loot
  • When chests are opened in content or completed quests, the level of random loot rolled will now much more closely match the instance level of the content completed. For example, if you are in a level 3 dungeon on Elite, you will get up to level 5 loot and no higher.
  • Items and effects that previously increased the minimum level of random loot, such as the Greater Dragonmark of Finding, now increase the quality of that random loot instead.
  • Jewels of Fortune are no longer available in-game and in the DDO Store, and in their place you will find Treasure Hunter's Elixirs of the same magnitude.
  • Currently-consumed Jewels of Fortune will provide the same effect as an equivalent rarity of Treasure Hunter's Elixir until they expire, and unused Jewels of Fortune no longer apply their buff.
  • Unused Jewels of Fortune can be traded in for two of the same magnitude Treasure Hunter's Elixirs in the House Cannith Crafting Hall, in the same place you can trade in spare Tomes for Dragonshard Fragments. Check the tooltip of your unused Jewels of Fortune for more information.
Augment Slots

Items found in random loot now have a small chance to drop with a second Augment Slot.

Material Types

Armor and shields can once again drop with alternate material types (Adamantine, Flametouched Iron, and Mithril) as well as a new Silver armor/shield material type, which grants a saving throw bonus against the Undead. Armors and shields with alternate material types will retain these types when keyed for Cannith Crafting, just as weapons do.

Normally-metal weapons can also drop with the material type Blueshine, which prevents durability damage. This material type will be retained when keyed for Cannith Crafting. As it now behaves like a normal material type, Everbright/Blueshine is no longer an option for Cannith Crafting.

Certain weapons in random loot, including quarterstaves, crossbows, clubs, and greatclubs, can now drop with nonstandard material types such as Adamantine or Silver.

Rare prefixes[edit]

Name Slot Effect
Airwarded Bracers Electricity Resistance, Electricity Absorption
Annihilating Weapon Slay Living, Entropic
Arcanist's Goggles, Ring Charisma, Use Magic Device
Armor Destroying Weapon Armor-Piercing, Destruction
Attuned Banishing Weapon Banishing, Axiomatic Burst
Attuned Smiting Weapon Smiting, Armor-Piercing
Blasphemous Weapon Unholy Burst, Anarchic Burst
Bullying Bracers, Ring Strength, Incite
Bulwark Headgear Sheltering, Fortification, Protection
Celebrated Belt, Cloak, Headgear, Ring Charisma, Command
Champion's Boots Speed, Combat Mastery
Convalescent Armor, Boots, Shield, Ring Healing Amplification, Negative OR Repair Healing Amplification
Crusading Weapon Holy, Aximatic Blast
Defensive Armor, Shield Two of: Constitution, Vitality, Magic Sheltering, Physical Sheltering, Protection, Fortification
Desert Sand Weapon Flaming Blast, Sirocco
Destroying Weapon Unholy, Anarchic Blast
Divine Light Shield Two of: Coruscating, Holy, Holy Burst, ...
Dynamic Shield Electrifying, Jolting
Earthwarded Bracers Acid Resistance, Acid Absorption
Earth Attuned Armor, Ring, Shield Earthgrab Guard, Acid Absorption
Electrifying Weapon Lightning Strike, Electrifying
Elementally Resistant Bracers, Cloak Two random elemental resistances (including Poison)
Elementally Warded Armor, Ring, Shield Two random elemental absorptions (including Poison)
Enchanting Goggles, Ring, Necklace Enchantment Focus, Enchantment Resistance
Evasive Belt Dodge, Reflex Save
Explosive Goggles, Ring Evocation Focus + one of: Concentration, Spellcraft
Firewarded Bracers Fire Resistance, Fire Absorption
Flowing Boots Speed + one of: Dexterity, Dodge
Fortifying Belt, Necklace Constitution, Fortification
Frozen Armor, Ring Freezing Ice Guard, Cold Absorption
Frozen Shield Freezing Ice, Chilling
Healthy Armor, Shield Constitution, Vitality
Honed Weapon Vorpal, Speed
Icewarded Bracers Cold Resistance, Cold Absorption
Illusory Goggles, Necklace, Ring Illusion Focus, Illusion Resistance
Initiate's Gloves, Ring Wizardry, Spell Penetration
Intimidating Headgear, Ring Incite, Intimidate
Keen-Eyed Gloves Doubleshot, Dodge
Lucky Boots, Gloves, Headgear, Ring Good Luck + one of: Dodge, Haggle, Heightened Awareness, ..
Magmatic Armor, Shield Magma Surge Guard, Fire Absorption
Magmatic Weapon Magma Surge, Fiery
Mauling Weapon Fracturing, Maiming
Meditative Boots, Ring Constitution, Concentration
Mind's Eye Goggles, Headgear, Ring Int/Wis/Cha + Wizardry or Concentration
Necromantic Goggles, Necklace, Ring Necromancy Focus, Deathblock
Nightmarish Weapon Nightmares, Impactful
Night's Grasp Weapon Two of: Negativity, Negative Blast, Voiding
Pandemonium Weapon Two of: Reverberating, Screeching, Sonic blast
Plagued Necklace Proof against Disease, Disease Guard OR Nothing
Poison-Proof Armor, Shield Proof against Poison, Poison Absorption
Poisonwarded Cloak, Necklace Proof against Poison, Poison Absorption or Poison Resistance
Protected Bracers, Ring Protection, Resistance
Rebellious Weapon Anarchic, Holy Blast
Reinforced Armor, Shield Protection, Fortification
Reinforced Headgear, Ring Protection, Physical Sheltering
Relentless Belt, Boots, Ring Two of: Accuracy, Deadly, Deception, Doubleshot, Doublestrike
Riptide Shield, Weapon Tidal, Chilling
Sabotaging Gloves, Goggles Seeker, Deception
Sensory Ring Two of: Concentration, Listen, Spot
Silver Flame Armor, Boots, Ring Hallowed, Sacred
Shadowy Armor, Belt, Cloak Two of: Hide, Move Silently, Diversion, Mystic Diversion, Distant Diversion
Slaying Armor, Shield Slay Living Guard, Physical Sheltering
Smoke Aligned Shield Smoke Screen, Random elemental critical damage type (Flaming, Jolting, ...)
Songblade Weapon Sonic Blast, Insightful Resonance
Soul-Stealing Armor, Ring, Shield Trap the Soul Guard, Magic Sheltering
Spellmaster's Gloves, Necklace, Ring Spell Focus Mastery, Spell Saves
Spellsword's Armor Two random spell buffs
Spellwarded Bracers, Belt, Cloak Spell Resistance, Spell Saves
Stabilized Belt, Ring Constitution, Lifesealed
Stealthy Boots Hide, Move Silently
Sun's Fury Weapon Coruscating, Fiery
Swift Cloak Speed, Reflex Save
Tactical Gloves Two of: Concentration, Listen, Spot
Technical Goggles, Ring Two of: Disable Device, Intelligence, Search, UMD
Thaumaturgic Orb, Weapon Spellcasting Implement, Potency, and Two random spell buffs
Thaumaturgic Gloves Two random spell buffs
Thieving Gloves Two of: Accuracy, Deadly, Deception, Doubleshot, Doublestrike
Tinkering Gloves, Ring Two of: Disable Device, Open Lock, Search
Tyrannical Weapon Axiomatic, Unholy Blast
Virulently Poisoned Weapon Poison Blast, Weakening (?)
Warded Headgear, Necklace Protection from Evil, Curse Resistance
Watchful Armor, Headgear, Ring, Shield Heightened Awareness, Dodge
Willful Cloak Wisdom, Will Save
Windswept Armor, Shield, Ring Air Guard, Electricity Absorption
Wintry Shield, Weapon Chilling, Freezing OR Cursespewing
TBD TBD Spot, Listen