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Mythic Boost

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Mythic items are a variant of named items with additional power compared to their non-mythic versions. Mythic items are very rare on lower difficulties, they are meant to be a reward for running higher difficulties.

  • When introduced in Update 23, only some named items of the update had a mythic version (see Mythic items).
  • Update 25 introduced the Mythic Boost - an optional enchantment that can appear on any of the named items of Update 25 and later.
  • Update 34 made Mythic Boost also available on older named items.

Mythic Boost is available in the magnitude +1 to +4. Higher bonuses drop more frequently on higher difficulties.


  • Weapons, armor, shields can have +2 or +4 bonus, +4 is rarer.
  • Clothing and jewelry can have +1 or +3 bonus, +3 is rarer.

Unlike most bonus types, all sources of Mythic bonus stack.

Found on[edit]

Mythic Ring Boost on randomly generated ring.

Occurrence Rate[edit]

First tier (+1 or +2) Mythic Boost occurs on 30% of eligible items on Elite and higher, and second tier (+3 or +4) occurs on 5% of eligible items on Elite and higher. (Sample size: 211 items. Data source: Google Sheets)

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Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source

Mythics in the new pack come in two tiers. The first tier is (+1 or +2) to (PRR/MRR or Melee/Ranged/SpellPower). The number and the stat are dependent on the slot the item goes in. (For instance, because it's a Cloak, the first tier Mythic for Hide of the Fallen is +1 PRR/MRR). The second (much rarer) tier is (+2 or +4) to the same stat.