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Mythic Boost

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Mythic items are a variant of named items with additional power compared to their non-mythic versions. Mythic items are very rare on lower difficulties, they are meant to be a reward for running higher difficulties.

  • When introduced in Update 23, only some named items of the update had a mythic version (see Mythic items).
  • Update 25 introduced the Mythic Boost - an optional enchantment that can appear on any of the named items of Update 25 and later.
  • Update 34 made Mythic Boost also available on older named items.

Mythic Boost is available in the magnitude +1 to +4. Higher bonuses drop more frequently on higher difficulties.


  • Weapons, armor, shields can have +2 or +4 bonus, +4 is rarer.
  • Clothing and jewelry can have +1 or +3 bonus, +3 is rarer.

Unlike most bonus types, all sources of Mythic bonus stack.

Found on[edit]

Mythic Ring Boost on randomly generated ring.
  • Mythic Boost was originally limited to selected named items; since Update 34, it has available for all named chest loot. Crafted items, reward-only items, and randomly-generated items cannot be mythic, with a few notable exceptions:
    • ToEE Crafting can be used to give old ToEE weapons and armor mythic bonuses, though note neither the items nor the crafting materials have been available since Update 56 so this may prove challenging.
    • Slave Lords Crafting can be used to give certain items from Against the Slave Lords mythic bonuses.
      • Originally, any item sharing a type with an eligible Slave Lords item could have a bonus added. This has since been fixed.
    • Items available only by Schism Shard Crafting, which cannot have a natural mythic boost, can have one added using Threads of Fate.
    • Special loot appears in Wheloon and the Storm Horns that looks like randomly generated equipment, and indeed has random bonuses, but binds to character on equip, cannot be used in Cannith Crafting (DDO Forums), and can be fed to sentient weapons. This loot (which usually includes the word Heirloom in the title) can have a mythic boost on it.

Occurrence Rate[edit]

First tier (+1 or +2) Mythic Boost occurs on 30% of eligible items on Elite and higher, and second tier (+3 or +4) occurs on 5% of eligible items on Elite and higher. (Sample size: 211 items. Data source: Google Sheets)

Certain named items available only on Normal difficulty (the named loot found in the Saltmarsh, for example) have a boosted Mythic spawn chance.

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Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source

Mythics in the new pack come in two tiers. The first tier is (+1 or +2) to (PRR/MRR or Melee/Ranged/SpellPower). The number and the stat are dependent on the slot the item goes in. (For instance, because it's a Cloak, the first tier Mythic for Hide of the Fallen is +1 PRR/MRR). The second (much rarer) tier is (+2 or +4) to the same stat.