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Glamered Armor

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Glamered Clothing[edit]

Glamered Clothing.png

With Update 18, new Glamered Armor cosmetic items have been introduced to the game.

Glamered armor is available in heavy, medium, light, robe, outfits and select costumes. While Warforged have exclusive Glamered Armor for their race, a few items like the Wilderness Cosmetic Armour kit (part of the Legendary Upgrade purchase) can be used on Warforged.


The two cosmetic item slots in the Inventory.

The effect of the cosmetic item can be toggled on and off on your characters inventory paper-doll, or removed from the cosmetic equipment slot and placed back in your inventory or bank. Cosmetic armors have unlimited uses and are bound to account so can be moved to a different character if you have access to a Shared Bank.

Cosmetic armor, now known as Glamered Clothing, has one type of visual appearance and can be applied for all classes, races and gender - except Warforged in most cases. Many of the styles from the old armor appearance kits have been converted to Glamered armor, while new kits based on Named Armors, Robes and Outfits are also available.

Retconned Items[edit]

Cosmetic hats and helms can now be equipped to the cosmetic headwear inventory slot to change your appearance. Some Cosmetic hats and helms have clicky effects that can be activated to buff your character with the corresponding bonus until you log out. Only 1 buff from cosmetic hats and helmets can be active at a given time.

  • Three-Cornered Hat
  • Charming Mask
  • Spooky, Ninja & Festival Masks
  • Lucky Green Hat & Top Hat
  • Gold, Green, Red & Silver Party Hats
  • Black & Indigo Secretive Hoods
  • Gold Skull & Fiendish Rabbit Helm
  • Glowing Circlet
  • Spider Cult Mask
  • Elite Spider Cult Mask
  • Commemorative Bunny Hat

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Breymer is modelling an outfit based on the ever popular Regalia of the Phoenix plus a fearsome mask won in battle against the Cult of the Spider Queen.