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Cosmetic Armor Kits

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This page is about a set of items that no longer exist in-game.
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With Update 8, new Cosmetic Armor Kits have been introduced to the game.


They exist in three general categories:

  • without-gear: This is more like a flat suite/skin that can be plugged
  • with-gear: This is not only a skin but has an additional mesh layer (e.g. spikes)
  • docent-gear: An appearance for Warforged which varies depending on the body type

These kits will be applied on top of a current armor one is wearing, but will have different look depending on the base armor:

Warforged bodies, which don't wear conventional armor or clothing, appear in variations based on their plating:

Thus, players will obtain a particular armor kit, which will show an appearance based the two style variations. Style #1, The "without gear" appearance, often has little to no metal plating. Style #2, the "with gear" appearance, shows a more martial look with plating and other battle stylings, particularly for light, medium and heavy armor. Items such as outfits and robes will have more ornate coverings or dressing atop of the base with-gear appearance for style #2.

The look of either style is a variation of the original armor style. Chain shirts with an actual skirt-like appearance, for example, will differ in style with a kit than the non-skirted chain shirt armor style.


Kits are permanently bound to one armor in the player's inventory. If another armor in the player's inventory is equipped, the armor appearance from the previously equipped armor is not shown.

An armor with a Cosmetic Armor Kit laid upon it will be Bound to Account (or Bound to Character if the armor was already Bound to Character before the kit was applied); however, if an Armor Appearance Remover Kit is used, the armor will revert to its original state.

Armor kit appearances can be removed temporarily (restoring the armor to its original appearance) by clicking on the armor appearance button in the player's inventory, located below the helmet appearance clickable area (in the center field where equipped items surround a generic silhouette of the player's body).

Armor kits do not affect any of the original armor's statistics. Armor with appearance kits applied will keep the appearance past Reincarnation, but will lose their kit if the armor is upgraded to another type (for instance, trading a Diabolist's Docent for an Epic Diabolist's Docent would remove the cosmetic armor kit from it). (DDO Forums) Upgrades that maintain the base item will not remove the kit (such as adding effects to Dragontouched Armor).


As it is not predictable how the armor will look like on a specific character, players used to get preview kits. As of Update 11 players are now able to preview any armor kit for free by pressing a Preview button on the armor description in the DDO Store.

View Armor Kits by Set[edit]

The Armor kits currently come in 9 sets each with at least 2 styles Note: These pages are very image heavy

View Armor kits by Armor type[edit]
Female Male Warforged

The final kits are sold for anywhere between 150 to 650 Turbine Points, with no apparent rhyme or reason to the difference. Preview kits can only be applied in the various armor shops:

In these shops a new show stage has been added with mirrors to get a feeling of the looks, as well as a new vendor.

Preview kits are not persistent and will disappear from the player upon leaving the qualifying store or when applying a different preview or permanent kit.

Preview kits will not disappear if you log out while still in the store, but will disappear once you log back in.

Armor show stage‎ in House Deneith


Below are some example sets that illustrate the variations between 'with' and 'without' gear armor kits.

base armor without gear with gear base body docent gear
Heavy Spiral1 Greay Pale Blue - heavy armor - without gear Spiral2 Turquoise Pale Blue - heavy armor - with gear Adamantine Leaf Pale Violet Tan - adamantine body
Outfit Leaf1 Pale Violet Tan - outfit - without gear Leaf2 Pale Violet Tan - outfit - with gear Mithral Leaf Pale Violet Tan - mithral body
Robe Royal1 Crimson Silver - robe - without gear Royal2 Crimson Silver - robe - with gear Composite Leaf Pale Violet Tan - composite plating
Royal 2 over light armor Royal2.jpg

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Developer quotes[edit]

Originally Posted by KoboldTerror Source on February 8, 2011

This is correct, Adding an armor kit binds the the armor to your account until you remove the armor kit. There is a known issue to make the message clearer in the examination window when this is the case.